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For many years 'Job's a good Un!' was the catch phrase of Television Comedian Charlie Hale, his catch phrase now is 'God's a good un!'

Charlie is a comedy impressionist who is always in popular demand to appear at the top hotels and corporate venues throughout the UK.

Although over the last five years most of his work has been on the sporting and after dinner speakers circuit.

Charlie has been a professional entertainer for many years and during that time he has appeared on approximately thirty major television shows and has broadcast on as many radio programmes.

As a child, comedy was the last thing on Charlie’s mind, as all he ever did was kick a football around the streets of his hometown Warrington, while dreaming of playing professional football for a big league club.

His dreams materialised just after leaving school, as by the age of sixteen he was on the books of Manchester City.

Charlie's career was unfortunately short lived, due to a early knee injury and Charlie's long-term problem with asthma.

His playing day's were over at the age of twenty, and any hopes of making the big time as a footballer were well and truly finished.

This devastated Charlie leaving him feeling rejected and depressed something that stayed with him for many years.

On the outside Charlie has a vibrant personality and he will admit that he once loved the limelight and being at the center of people's attention. This he believes led him into becoming a natural comedian.

Charlie made a commitment and accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour however the reality of God and the step that he had taken was not quite clear to him.

Part of Charlie's act was swearing prior to delivering a punch line in a joke (99% of modern comedy is based on this).

Many times he had tried to clean up his act, but eventually gave in as he felt quite isolated without the swearing as he was not getting the deserved laughs.

At the turn of the century there was also a turn in Charlie's life, as one day he came under tremendous conviction to come clean with God to repent fully and instead of trying to compromise he started going God's way instead of his own way.

He became God seeking instead of pleasure seeking, God centered instead of self-centered.

In Charlie’s own words he could never go back to the old life, and what is more God is using him in a unique way.

Audiences now congratulate him on his clean performance and he is able to witness to them saying that it is through the love, the joy, and the peace of having Jesus in his life that all things are possible.

Submitted by charles hansen
3 March 2008
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