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'One Way to Grace'book amazon onewaytograce.com

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Author David Daly tells the story of his life growing up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, the period of great civil unrest that struck the country during the Twentieth Century, and shows how it led him to become a devout believer. As his story unfolds in One Way to Grace: A Memoir through Scripture, Daly uses his powerful testimony to show how a person can come closer to God—even in times of struggle.

David Daly’s life didn’t start out easy. Growing up in Belfast, surrounded by haunting murals signaling which areas were Catholic and which were Protestant, the danger around him was real. Without God in his life, Daly felt aimless. In One Way to Grace, Daly explains how he found himself battling numerous demons, some of which threatened everything he held dear. Eventually he was faced with a choice: overcome them, or else lose everything.

Daly’s life has taken him around the world, from Israel to America, and the lessons he has learned along the way have forged a devout believer. This story of a man learning to love God despite hardship is a powerful testament to faith. “I thank God for these chances to be heard, to have the potential to touch just a single lost soul and bring them to Christ,” Daly says.

About the Author: David Daly is a faithful born again Christian from Northern Ireland, currently living in England with his wife Gay. Officially retired, David spends time sharing his testimony, studying Scripture, and staying active in the community with his wife. David’s mission is to use his story to inspire others and glorify God.Dawn Merrow is a freelance writer living in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Benjamin.
Without judgment, condemnation, or shame, David Daly bares his truth in the hopes of inspiring faith in the hearts of the lost and unbelieving. This memoir covers the span of David's life experiences, starting with his birth and childhood spent in the tumultuous civil unrest of Northern Ireland and culminating with his transformation into a devout believer.
Addiction and inner struggle haunt David throughout his life. After losing everything, David repents and turns to Jesus for deliverance and to God's Holy Word for guidance through the Holy Spirit. An eye-opening visit to Israel becomes a turning point in David's life when he is baptized and born again.
on-going challenges test David's faith. He discovers how to stand strong with his faith in Jesus that saved his life. God is present throughout David's struggle toward salvation. His testimony demonstrates the loving, healing power of an honest walk with Christ.
To learn more about the book visit http://www.onewaytograce.com or read first two chapters for free on Amazon UK or .com

Submitted by David Daly
20 December 2016
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