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Just follow the Holy Spirit……..John 16:13

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Just follow the Holy Spirit……..John 16:13

Yesterday I drove up to Cheshire where I was invited to share Out of the Ashes with women prisoners, the journey took just over three hours but on arriving at the prison I was excited to see what God would do with these women. I went through the normal security checks and was then escorted to the prison Chaplins office. After a brief introduction a message from security came over the chaplains radio, it was loud and clear so we both heard it. "All assosiation this evening is cancelled" The chaplin looked at me and said Oh no! if thats true we are not going to get anybody in the chapel for the service, youv'e come all this way. My first thoughts were the same, dear me all this way and nobody is going to show up. I then turned to the chaplin and asked him if we could pray, so for the next five minutes I prayed that somehow God would bring some prisoners over to the chapel despite the lock down.
A couple of minutes later both the prison chaplin and myself heard a knock on the chapel front door, we opened it and there stood four women who somehow had managed to get over to the chapel, despite having no prisoners officers escorting them. We ask how they had got here they said we just walk across no problem. Well the next hour was amazing after hearing the word and my tesimony of how God rescued me from the fires of life, all four women surrended their lives to Jesus! what an amazing God we serve. We need to lean that Gods ways our not our ways and even though the enemy will try to scupper Gods plans, victory will be ours in Jesus name.

Glory to God !!


Submitted by Peter Gladwin
16 May 2014
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