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God For All!!!!

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On Friday the 7th of March I was invited to Speak at a Women's Empowerment Session in Harrow, London.
When I woke up that morning, The Holy Spirit kept telling me that the message for that evening will change and I kept laughing as I've had this happen to me before.
This made me seek the face of God even more but then again, I've had times when Father has given me The Word right at The Pulpit.
When I stood to Speak to the Women, I noticed there was a man in the audience so that changed the message altogether. Next, another man walked in and boy! The message was no longer for Women but for All Of Gods People.
After the Session, the men came and were so appreciative of The Word God had for His people that night.
Needless to say, we Laughed Out Loud with my Sister that night, at The Hotel.

GOD IS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Charity Nkosi
11 March 2014
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