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JAMES BYRNE From a Medium to a Christian ID 87
JAMES BYRNE From a Medium to a Christian title=
For over 40 years James Byrne was one of the most popular and sought after Mediums performing at some of the most prestigious theatres and venues accross the UK. James speaks about his introduction to becoming a Medium He was confronted on many occasions by Christians who used to attempt to picket and spoil his meetings. James explains his conversion to becoming a Christian after being a Medium for over 40 years. Today many Christians and Churches shy away from him as his reputation as a Meduim and Spiritualist continue to go before him. Unfortunately there is still a lot of information about James Byrne the Medium on the Internet. James speak about this and how it hinders him. James has a real passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but has found doors closed to him because of his past life. James hopes that watching this DVD and listening to his testimony will open up these doors for him to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share his testimony.

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