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THREE VERY DIFFERENT TESTIMONIES OF HOW JESUS BECAME THE FOCUS OF THESE PEOPLE'S LIVES. EACH PERSON TELLS THEIR EXPERIENCE OF LIFE WITHOUT JESUS AND HOW THE CHANGE CAME ABOUT AND THE DIFFERENCE IT MADE TO THEIR LIVES. BERNARD COCKER had a vision from God to start, build and develop an International organisation that has distributed over 100 million pounds worth of aid to over 50 nations. Planted hundreds of churches, some In prisons, seen many thousands of prisoners, atheists, Hindus, Muslims and agnostics come to faith. Bernard has seen Gods miraculous provision and Healing miracles. Professional Comedian and Funny Man CHARLIE HALE has had his own Television Shows and has appeared on numerous other TV programmes both secular and Christian. Charlie always wanted to become a professional football player and had many professional clubs interested in signing him. God told Charlie to pray for those who are famous and has opened multiple doors for Charlie to work alongside and pray for countless famous people. ROBERT LEE was brought up in Wythenshawe Manchester. Robert was a violent man and hell bent on Destruction. In 1987 Robert and his brother decided to do a sponsored walk from Manchester to Edinburgh to raise money for charity. After completing the walk, which they travelled by bus on part of the way, HE DECIDED TO BURGLE A MAN WHO HAD SPONSORED HIM, he was a Christian and told Robert about Jesus. Robert gave his life to Jesus and his life since then has changed. Robert now has a team who go out on to the streets of Manchester feeding and ministering to the homeless.

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