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PETER GLADWIN Peter Gladwin was seriously burned in a house fire at the age of one, always in trouble with the police, stabbed in a gang fight at the age of 15, and the victim of a hit and run at 24. Peter went through trials and torments, but God had a plan for him. HERBERT COOPER Herbert gives a testimony of his experience in dealing with the INVISIBLE ENEMY in the demonic spirit world. Herbert found himself out of his depth of knowledge in dealing with a person who was demonised by many demons and he succesfully ministered to this person. Since then God has given Herbert a greater insight into the demonic world. SARAH WATKINS Sarah Watkins suffered delibilitating illness. She was miraculously healed by God and now has a ministry of HEALING TO THE NATIONS. Sarah shares her journey from ickness to health, giving God the glory. MERLE ASTLEY Merle Astley speaks about how she was widowed through alcoholism at 32. She was left with 3 young daughters to bring up. Merle wasn't a Christian at this time of her life and thought she was destined for a life of heartache and loneliness, trying to answer so many "Why's" over life and death.

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