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TEACHING 3 title=
Two very different teachings by husband and wife team Mike and Julie Allen. They are passionate about helping people being released into all that God has planned for them. More and more they see Christians walking with low confidence, low self-esteem, filled with worry and past hurts. God has a life plan for each of us and without our help, He cannot fulfil His plans. 1 - THE VALLEY OF THE CAST DOWN SHEEP Take a look at Psalm 23 with new eyes, taking us from the valley of cast sheep into new pastures from old pathways into new pathways letting go of your ways and relying on the good, the great and the chief shepherd to lead and guide you in your life. 2 - BREAKING THOSE HINDERING HABITS Michael & Julie teach & minister through the practical scriptural based programme “Be Who You Can Be in Christ”,with inspiration and passion, focusing on releasing individual potential and equipping people in the full knowledge of who they are in Christ & what Christ says they can do. They have delivered this programme around the Nation and East Africa 1,000's have been touched by their passionate delivery, their love for Jesus and their desire to see all His people walk the walk He has for them. This was a special short programme to introduce Christians to the concept of who they are in Christ.

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