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CHRISTOPHER LEE POWER This is the heart-warming true story of a teenager struggling to break free from the chains of his difficult background and his unfortunate beginnings in the 1980s, to his acting career in TV, Film and Theatre and author. CHRISTOPHER LEE POWER HAS REQUESTED THAT HIS VIDEO BE REMOVED FROM THE TASKJESUS VIDEO GALLERY. JEB STUART Jeb Stuart was born and raised in a small town in Nebraska by devout Catholics. He became a drug dealer and a womanizer. Jeb's amazing story of his walk with God will amaze and astound you. A story with real heartbreak and amazing healing. ERNIE JONES Ernie Jones was a rough and tumble troublemaker looking for a fight. He is now a pastor with a passion for the lost, the least and the broken hearted. Ernie has witnesses the move of God on many many occasions. He has a passion to see everybody choose Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. JIM RICHIE and JUNE RICHIE June and Jim Ritchie will be sharing their amazing testimonies of their wonderful experiences and healings andblessings of God which they have experienced over many years. June is an accomplished author and has published over 30 books. (which are available from the TaskJesus Bookshop) BOB EATON Bob Eaton joined the Royal Navy at 15 served for 9 years before joining Staffordshire Fire Service. After attempting suicide three time he was saved at Billy Graham outreach in Liverpool in 1984; went to Bible college 89 to 91. Ordained with Elim Pentecostal Churches. worked as evangelist/pastor and have ministered in India, Bob’s heart and passion is for reaching the lost and teaching the found; also training and equipping the church to fulfill the Great Commission.

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