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Three very different testimonies RICKY LEONARD Ricky Leonard was a troubled young man. In 1974 he was in a shootout with the Clearwater, Florida police and was shot in the back of the head with a police .38 caliber, hollow-point bullet. He was crippled and had terrible injuries, including paralysis, severe brain damage, seizures and much, much more. In 1979, after being paralysed, having severe brain damage, epileptic seizures and many other physical problems for 4 ½ years, Ricky prayed the prayer of faith and was instantly healed and restored to perfect health! BIBLE JOHN Bible John was born in 1950, his parents split up when he was very young. By the age of 6 he had suffered beatings with brushes and a poker. He was sexually abused at 7 years old and spent 6 months in a psychiatric hospital undergoing drug and electric shock treatment. He became very wild and had many encounters with the police and spent time in remand homes and went to a special school. He spent 23 years in institutions, had 2 failed marriages and spent two years homeless. In 1992 he received a bible from a Christian evangelist which he never read. He found his mis-placed bible and read it, this had a life changing effect on him. ELSPETH WILLIAMS Practising in the occult was a generational stronghold in her family. She was raised up to believe that the dead could be contacted, and were present at all times. She myself was heavily involved in spiritualism and astrology which led her to a deep interest in witchcraft. At 19, Elspeth began attending church. Although she found the experience uncomfortable, she kept attending. God sent a man from Wales to the church on a particular evening to pray just for her. That night when she committed her life to Christ, she was delivered from darkness and the fear that she had known all her life.

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