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COLIN POWNALL Colin Pownall was a drug addict, alcoholic and only motivated by hatred and violence towards everyone. He spent 8 years with the Hell's Angels motorcycle gangs and broke almost every law that GOD gave Moses, resulting in him spending time in maximum security jails. When Colin became a Christian his life was transformed. Jesus set him free and gave him a desire to tell the world what GOD has done for him. Come and listen to his amazing story. MICHELLE WARREN - WHAT HAPENS WHEN A WITCH BECOMES A CHRISTIAN? Michelle Warren started attending as spiritualist church after the loss of her grandmother. This led her into spiritual practices and witchcraft. She had an encounter with the devil and she realised that she had to change her ways. Michelle now pastors a new church in South Wales and has an overseas ministry in Kenya. Michelle covers a teaching on Haloween as well as providing a real warning about getting involved in detestable practices. You need to encourage all your family and friends to watch this. TONY MEDLAND Tony gives a short account of his relationship with Jesus and how he devotes his time and his life to praising and worshipping Jesus. Such enthusiams and energy and a full on demonstration of a real passion for the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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