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Filmed at Appleton Thorn Young Offenders Institute in Warrington Cheshire in front of young offenders (identities not visible). This was on week 3 of the SYCAMORE course. Roger Foster-Smith and married couple Ray and VI Donovan speak about their experiences as victims of crime. ROGER FOSTER-SMITH was at home one evening when he heard a knock on his front door, when he answered his door a young person with a gun tried to force his way into the house. Roger speaks about how this impacted on his family and the surrounding neighbourhood. Roger forgave the young person who attacked him at gunpoint, he speaks about the importance of forgiveness. RAY and VI DONOVAN speak about the murder of their son Christopher. He and his brother were savageley attacked one eveining and as a result Christopher died from his injuries. The devastating effect of this tragedy is shared and the reality of losing their son tore their lives apart. Ray and Vi have now forgiven their sons killers and they speak about how forgiveness is so important irrespective of the crime. At the end many of the young inmates are seen responding to give their lives to Jesus. (ALL IDENTITIES CONCEALED) THIS DVD SUPPLIED FREE OF CHARGE

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