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STUART CRIPPS is a nuclear physicist. His priority in life is to serve the creator of the universe he proved to himself through scientific logic must exist. Stuart has also proved through personal experience that it is possible to hear God speak and to have an intimate relationship with the creator of the universe, through Jesus Christ, Gods son. Stuart shares on how to hear Gods voice and discover Gods will and purpose for your life. LYNN HERITAGE is the Managing Director of Heritage Medical suppliers of specialist treatment equipment to Surgeons and Doctors. Lynn has been a born again Christian for many years and has seen countless miracles and the power of God on earth. Lynn shares on how to understand and empower yourself into active service for GOD. Dr DR ALEC PASSMORE is currently employed by the Society For Distributing Hebrew Scriptures and has been a born again Christian for over 50 years. After studying at Cliff College he went on to pastor churches for over 27 years. Alec speaks on "BRINGING DOWN YOUR GIANTS", mastering the things that defeat us in life, how we can be more than a conqueror. Alec delivers his teaching with total clarity and in an easy to follow and understand format.

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