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Dr PETER WATKINS is a business owner and Prophet Evangelist. Building and birthing churches in Africa and India. Peter has two BA degrees one in Theology and one in Technology and Maths. Peter Watkins also obtained Doctorate (in divinity) he was ordained about 10 years ago for his work in India. Peter teaches on the Gifts of Holy Spirit and moving to a Higher Level in all aspects of life. Peter speaks about his APOSTOLIC MINISTRY, explaining what it is, how it came about and will share his life experiences as a prophet and evangelist who has travelled and ministered in many countries. DAVE RILEY remembers being taught about Jesus as a child in school, but rejected him. After 3 years in the RAF he joined the police force which nearly led to the breakup of his marriage and took him on the edge of bankruptcy. His older brother had become a born again Christian after finding Jesus, Dave got fed up with him as he kept talking to him about Jesus. Dave believed he was already a Christian and didn�t need to know about Jesus. Dave befriended a local village Bobby who was a born again Christian. After experiencing problems in his life Dave became a born again Christian. That was the start of his real relationship with Jesus. BILL SMITH lives in Wigan and he presents a series of poems to camera. These poems are based upon his life experiences as a born again Christian. These no hold barred poems convey the depth of Bills's relationship with Jesus and how this has impacted upon his life. KEITH MOLYNEUX had pneumonia three times when he was 8 months old which left him with his right lung collapsed and an incurable lung disease. In January 1985 Keith dropped his children off at a Christian Evangelist meeting and drove to a cliff where he tried to commit suicide, each time a force pushed him back and a voice told him �KEITH THIS IS NOT THE WAY�. Since then Keith has become a born again Christian and he testifies how the love of Jesus changed his life completely. This powerful testimony could change your life forever.

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