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PAUL JONES (Manfred Mann and The Blues Band) and FIONA HENDLEY (Highly acclaimed TV/West End Actress/singer - star of "Widows" "City of Angels") tell their story of how, from very different backgrounds they both found faith in God. Their testionies are open and honest and interspersed with songs from their gospel album "Personal" - (songs have been shortened due to copyright) From his early teens JOHN GAUGHAN decided that he wanted to be a singer songwriter and aim for the top of the world of popular music. By the time he was nineteen he was rubbing shoulders with the most successful writers and publishers of the day and singing with the top stars of the 60�s. Over the years John became an alcoholic and was a broken man. He was befriended by a man from the local church who spoke to him about Jesus. This was the start of an amazing journey where he was healed and delivered from acute alcoholism. BRIAN HILLS wasn�t brought up as a Christian. However his Aunt and Uncle become born again Christians in later life and they were continually praying for him. Brian believed in something but didn�t know what it was, he was leading a typical carefree no holds barred lifestyle. One morning Brian decided to go and travel around Australia. He was in Perth and his travelling companions introduced him to Jesus having just become saved themselves. Brian�s life changed dramatically from that moment on. GOD became the main focus in Brian�s life.

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