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RAPHAEL MARTIN was born into a Christian family but became a rebel and a street fighter with a vicious attitude towards everyone. Raphael took up boxing to control his bad atrtitude and he was destined to become a champion boxer. He began dating a young Christian girl he met in a nightlcub and this was the beginning of a mighty change in his life. Listen to how hs life changed and he now runs a Christian Radio Programme on a secular Radio Station in Cardiff. LES DEANE spent his childhood in the 1950's in rural Lancashire. Les became a member of one of the most ruthless gangs of 1960's London, and as a consequence, he spent time in various prisons and remand centres. Soon after his release from Norwich Prison, he dropped out of society and become a tramp. The next five years were spent living on the streets and he became an alcoholic. He was finally taken in by a Christian family whose love and care helped him become a reformed character, eventually finding his faith in God and becoming a Church Minister. DES PILLING a former black belt in karate, now an evangelist, singer/songwriter, founder of CLMI and UCR RADIO. For 25yrs Des has run his own company LAKELAND PLASTERING , this has created many many opportunities for him to witness the reality and power of God to people when he has been working in their homes. Des shares his experience of how at first he rejected Jesus. Des had a remarkable experience of the reality of Jesus which he shares with a passion. JESUS set him free and gave him life in fullness.

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