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FIVE VERY DIFFERENT TESTIMONIES FROM FIVE VERY DIFFERENT PEOPLE ERIC PICKSTON became a Christian when he was 17 years old. He recalls many situations where God had prepared the way for his life and the way that God called on other people to provide for him and his ministry. WATCH NOW NICK and CATH STIRLING are a husband and wife team who have a music ministry. Nick speaks of his early years as a rebel and how he concentrated on his music for a career as a guitaist. He bacame a Christian by a chance meeting with a young outreach evangelist and this transformed his life and gave him direction. KEITH O'DWYER has been called by God to undertake street ministry, he now has a small team of people who work alongside him and they travel; to wherever God leads them. HOSSAIN KHALIFEHHADI was brought up as a muslim in his country of origin. He became disilusioned with the muslim faith and became a born again Christian. He rejoices in his Christian walk and speaks about his life as a Christian. TREFLYN JONES He speaks openly about his experience as a young Christian and how God has a plan and a puropse for our lives and that we need to be mindful of God's calling upon our lives and we should be prepared to do what God calls us to do. WATCH NOW THIS ITEM SUPPLIED FREE OF CHARGE

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