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Prayer Requests

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30 May 2016
Submitted by David Dawson, manchester
Pls pray for Hayley my daughter is in delivery room ready to have her 1st born.
Hayle has difficulties suffering with with Fibro Myalgia. With SPD and pelvic problems Pray for her birthing will be straightforward and her and baby will be safe and well

23 May 2016
Submitted by Cliff Chapman, Northwich
Please pray for Karen who is very stressed looking after her mother who is ill with emotional problems.
Cliff Chapman

7 May 2016
Submitted by linda, Bridgwater
please pray forme iam 53 come from a horrriable childhood need prayer for freedom and good Christian friendswho will support me

18 April 2016
Submitted by Alan Nixon, Lowton Wigan (WA3)
Our dear son John came home from work, had a heart attack and died aged only 30 please pray for Joan and myself (his parents) who are heartbroken

21 March 2016
Submitted by TREFLYN JONES, Warrington
I have an urgent request for prayers.

Please will you pray that God will intervene in this situation and that these four men are released and allowed to fly home safely today.


Four British plane spotters have been locked up in Kenya as suspected terrorists after filming aircraft taking off from an airport.
They were arrested by Kenyan police in the capital Nairobi while filming planes from an airport bar during a two-week plane-spotting trip in Africa.
The friends - Eddie Swift and Paul Abbott, both 47, Steve Gibson, 60, and Ian Glover, 46 - have been behind bars since their

arrest on Monday, according to The Sun newspaper.
Photography at Kenyan airports was banned following a deadly attack from jihadists at a Nairobi shopping centre in 2013 which left 67 dead.

The quartet, who posted pictures from their trip on Facebook, claimed they had permission from an airport official but police have accused them of ‘secretly filming’ while seated at a bar. Under Kenyan law, convicted terrorists face up to 30 years in prison.
Mr Swift’s brother Peter described the bachelor, from Stockport, as an ‘anorak’ and slammed British Embassy officials as ‘hopeless’ for failing to end the group’s ordeal.
He told The Sun: ‘Eddie and his mates are just chaps who like taking pictures of planes. It’s a very worrying time.
‘I’ve spoken to Eddie. He tried to put a brave face on it but I could tell he was anxious.’


I know the brother of "Eddie Swift" who tells me that they may be imprisoned .

Please pray for God to intervene in getting these people released.


Thank you so much