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Prayer Requests

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14 August 2016
Submitted by William Paulo Simoes, Manchester
Hi my beloveds. My mother Diva Simoes is in Wythenshawe Hospital for a heart operation. The date will be someday next week. I really appreciated if we praying for this situation for a good intervention and peace in her heart and mind. Many Thanks, your brother Pr. Paulo

13 August 2016
Submitted by Cliff Chapman, Northwich
Please pray for my Pastor friend Elisha in Hungary .He was rushed into hospital last Saturday with severe stomach pain and water works not working.I heard today it was very bad infection in a tube,Elisha kidneys do not work .The hospital are now doing a scan.Please pray for full recovery.
Thank you
Cliff Chapman

24 July 2016
Submitted by David Dawson, manchester
Hi we prayed for Seren now 3yr She has Cystic Fibrosis her mum my niece sent this out on face book. CF community is only small and when one of the kids die it has a snowball effect .Is it my child next. So her mum Karen is dreading the day as you read her plight .WE NEED TO ASK FATHER FOR A CURE OR POUR OUT MIRACLES FOR ALL THOSE KIDS WHO SUFFER ;
I'm so heartbroken, why does my beautiful little girl have to go through this?! Why does she have to die so young?! She's already asking questions and it breaks my heart to even begin to imagine telling her this horrible illness will end her life 😢 please pray

2 June 2016
Submitted by David Dawson, manchester
Hayle had a healthy boy 7lb 8
His name is Isaac James.
Hayle is struggling pls continue to pray for .. thank you bretheren making me a proud grandpa's again

30 May 2016
Submitted by David Dawson, manchester
Pls pray for Hayley my daughter is in delivery room ready to have her 1st born.
Hayle has difficulties suffering with with Fibro Myalgia. With SPD and pelvic problems Pray for her birthing will be straightforward and her and baby will be safe and well