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Prayer Requests

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5 December 2016
Submitted by Cliff Chapman, Northwich
Please pray for Elisha in Hungary ,he is in hospital needs a kidney .Also pray for a young couple who are having problems in their marriage and need the Lord to meet their needs .They are in a lot of debt.
Thank you
Cliff Chapman

29 September 2016
Submitted by pauline Tait, Warrington
Urgent prayer request please pray for David health related and pray for his wife Tina's for her safety (driving) she can['t see in the dark in fact pray they are both healed so much sickness in the family both are Christians

22 September 2016
Dear brothers and sisters in the lord I am asking if you would join in prayer with my husband and I to lift our sister Debbie Anne and her husband paul up in prayer. Debbie is a wonderful Jamaican lady and she has just had news that she has been refused citizenship to stay in this country. As it says in john 14.14 you may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it. Debbie is an active member in our church and sings in the praise and worship team. So please pray that favour will be shown to Debbie and her family that decisions will be reversed.

12 September 2016
Submitted by William Paulo Simoes, Manchester
Good Morning all!
I want to say a rude thank you for all your prayer to my Mum (Diva). She is doing well and recovery slowly, however we are pleased how she is doing at this time. May the Lord Jesus Christ blessing all of you this week.
In love Paulo.

6 September 2016
Submitted by Cliff Chapman, Northwich
Please pray for my friend Jim ,having heart problems.I also ask you to pray for Tulip and her family in Pakistan as they seek to lift up the name of Jesus in that country.
Cliff Chapman