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Prayer Requests

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22 March 2017
Submitted by Dave Byrne, Newton Le Willows
Hi Folks PLEASE PRAY for the Metropolitan Police who are dealing with the terrorist incident today at Westminster and in particular the family of the dead officer. This threat is going to spread and our Police need all the help.They will also need help coming to grips with what has happened to one of their colleagues.
Also I am mindful that others lost their lives on the bridge, when they were run over by the car, so please PRAY for their families as well.
Dave Byrne

2 March 2017
Submitted by TREFLYN JONES, Warrington
Please pray for our dear brother and sister in Christ, David and Brenda Dawson who lost their son age 44 on Tuesday.
We ask that you lift up his immediate family.
David and Brenda have requested no phone calls.
Please respect their wishes at this difficult time.
We pray that the peace of God which transcends all understanding will be with them as they grieve their loss.
Our sincere condolences.
Treflyn and Ann Jones

18 February 2017
Please pray for our brother Frank he's just had his first dose of cemo for liver cancer he is feeling very weak and tired but he is still praising and worshipping god. Please lift him up in prayer.

9 February 2017
Submitted by TREFLYN JONES, Warrington
Please pray for 3 month old baby Joseph. He was born with a hole in his heart. He also has narrowing of his pulminary arteriy when surrounding muscles go into spasm. He is in hospital on medication. If things don't improve they will have to operate. His parents are very worried. Please come into agreement and pray for God's healing to manifest in this baby. Pray that his parents put their trust in Jesus for a miracle to bring total reversal of baby Joseph's condition. Amen.
Thank you.

31 January 2017
Submitted by muganda patrick, kampala
Praise lord.
Please pray for me to get a job which can support me to pay my school fees , i want to be studying because am so worried how my future is going to be without studies, i want to get a course at lest.
May God bless you brothers and sisters.