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All Singers Great and Small The choir began in March 2009 and majors on singing for enjoyment. All Singers Great & Small has raised thousands of pounds for various charities to date, as well as providing a place for friendships to develop and and the obvious health benefits of being part of a supportive community. Our ages range from 13 - 70+ (hence the name) and we try and sing a mixture of material to appeal to the variety of characters who sing with us. We've tackled Musicals, folk music, Rutter classics, Sinatra, Reggae and lots in between. Some harmony, some unison. Above all we meet to have fun. No pressure, no auditions - everyone welcome. The atmosphere is lighthearted with lots of banter and laughter. Some great friendships have sprung up along the way and members are very willing to offer up a brief prayer of thanks for our community life and particularly to support any concerns that others might express. We major on 'Singing for happiness and wellbeing'. so why not join us on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm at Leigh Baptist Church (on the corner of Church Street and Vernon Street in Leigh). We sing till 9pm and then everyone is welcome to stay on for a cuppa and a chat. All Singers great and small welcomed. We pay an annual joining fee of £10 per year and a donation of £2.00 per attended session which covers rent, insurance and music. Ring 01942 671481 for details. Alan Nixon
ALL SINGERS GREAT AND SMALL Christian based Community Choir We major on 'Singing for happiness and wellbeing'. so why not join us on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm at Leigh Baptist Church (on the corner of Church Street and Vernon Street in Leigh). We sing till 9pm and then everyone is welcome to stay on for a cuppa and a chat. All Singers great and small welcomed. We pay an annual joining fee of £10 per year and a donation of £2.00 per attended session which covers rent, insurance and music. Ring 01942 671481 for details. Alan Nixon
Out of the Ashes ministry is about reaching out to dysfunctional people from every background . Our priority is to reach prisoners serving prison sentences with the message that "There is no setback in life that God does not have a comeback plan for" contact email: peter@outofashes.co.uk web site: www.outofashes.co.uk Peter Gladwin
Learn biblical Hebrew! Site has link to youtube.com for interesting free lessons! adrian greenslade
get on to youtube and listen to John Hagee s sermons on Revelation, Rapture and Israel , part 1,2 and 3 ...might be more, ive sent a question abt. that....this is excellent teaching from one of the most prominent well known and excellent bible teachers of our time. You casn also go in on my webside on facebook and get them.. maryann
Wonderful up to date sermons, music and other wonderful ulifting tings from John Hagee ministries , worth tuning in to! maryann
How firm is your faith this morning? So often when I think of needing firm faith I immediately think of having faith where my finances are concerned but that is far from the only area in life that we need to be strong in our faith. What about faith in God for your relationships and for your children and their struggles, you fill in the blanks for where you are not relying on God, you are relying on either someone else or yourself. Justin Thomas Gregory
Mariology - Who is Mary according to Scripture? A excellent Debate about the roll of Mary from reachout trust on youtube hosted by Doug Harris one of our members. Well worth a look very interesting some things I did not know. All the programs from reach out trust are worth seeing.Doug is a excellent presenter on revelation TV on sky. derek leslie
This is the link to our church website Rehoboth Christian Centre in Blackpool. It is still under construction but worth a visit. God bless Judith McKay
This clip shows the late David wilkerson showing the curses of Benny Hinn only 1.7mins long take a look derek leslie
Task Jesus page on Facebook please join pauline Tait
The day of the Lord and the rapture excellent youtube video, a very good sensible one. Well made. Have a look and think very hard. derek leslie
I wrote about this site in the forum, check it out. to hear actual audio clips what these people really believe and teach, see if you agree with them.just click on their names under each section to hear their voice saying these things. example, Adam was superman and could fly into space. its sad but true, but we cannot just bury our heads in the sand. derek leslie
please take time, go in & listento their latest broadcast from today 11.2....They give us info about the new religion developing very fast now"Crislam" i.e. an "Islamized" gospel! In 2nd.Tim2:3 - we hear of perilious times just before Jesus comes, IT is here, be alert and warn your brothers & sisters abt. this. Wycliffe bibletranslators have now edited a new Bibletranslation omitting Jesus as God s son!!!! Many worldknown celibrities have signed under a contract with the new CRISLAM religion, such as: Robert Schuler, Bill Hybel, Rick Warren Billy Graham !!, Pr.Obama, Shirley Mc lane, O.Winfrey and more...its shocking! maryann
heard his testm. on Church Channel, he is a former muslim, was extreeme jihad, the Muslim brotherhood, and got saved by the blood of Christ. amazing story and very important info. abt. what is happening in the spirit world today...go in and listen! My info of this was through TRN - Church channel. maryann
Sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to churches and prisoners serving prison sentences throughout the UK www.outofashes.co.uk NEW WEBSITE coming SOON! Peter Gladwin
CORRIE TEN BOOM DOES NOT BELIEVE IN A PRE RAPTURE take a look.talks about false teachers in these end times derek leslie
This is the online store for beautiful Christian products and gift ideas designed by Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal. When you purchase one of these products you are also helping to sow 'good seed' into the DLM-Evangelical-Ministries global missions & projects. Daniele Luciano Moskal
you will not be disappointed listn. to these sermons....by pastor Carter Conlon and others...wonderfully uplifting and also wonderful uplifting annointed music! maryann
I put this link in some time ago, and have just reread it myself, but I feel the need to re enter it at this time. Has it is an excellent study. Anyone interested in the truth of the bible should read it all. It tells how the pre rapture story began. I don't like keeping on about this subject. But in this link it says, Even if it upsets some. We must tell the people, and if I don't, I will have to answer to the Lord. Hopefully this is the last link that the Lord has given me. Now its up to the you to read for yourselves, I have discharged My responsibility, has the Pentecostal preachers say. derek leslie
Another site, more info about the rapture. No more blogs from me to show respect. And keep the piece in Christian love. silence is golden. But I think I am allowed to put a link in.? hope so. derek leslie
RAPTURE EXCELLENT SITE. I found a web site http://www.tedmontgomery.com/ I have put this one in before about did Jesus die on a Friday. But I found that he has done a good job on the Rapture as well. When you go to the site click on commentaries box. This will open and then select Rapture. And for further study click on email's responses box. For more on the subject. Its the email responses sent to him who don't agree with him. He is a mathematician, he has a very good mind. He's really gone to town on the rapture. Excellent job. derek leslie
RAPTURE video on christian tv A wonderful web site,from the link you can also go to the home of the site, to see many past TV programs they have shown on Christian TV. But The above link goes to a video to one of their past TV programs about the RAPTURE. I will let it speak for it's self. derek leslie
A SITE Explaining ABOUT THE BOOK CALLED Q please see my input about this in major correction to Good Friday.in General info/advise. derek leslie
DLM-Evangelical-Ministries is the offical ministerial website of International Evangelist, Pastor, Children's TV Presenter, Author & Publisher, Daniele Luciano Moskal (The Pen Of a Ready Writer) Daniele Luciano Moskal
This is the Youtube Christian Channel of Evangelist, Pastor, Author, Publisher, Children's TV Presenter and Minister - Daniele Luciano Moskal. The channel contains many of 'The Pen Of A Ready Writer' - Evangelist Daniele's inspiring Gospel-Sermons and Gospel-Videos. Daniele Luciano Moskal
here is some good little videos on youtube a must see. the frist two shows what some really teach. the other two are a really really must see for discernment truth. dare you take a look. the second one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4uGSs9AIq4 the third video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBpw2oQrvMMhttp: number 4 video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCcGaTRwG_4 derek leslie
justin peters has done three excellent videos on youtube a call for discernment. these are a must see for all christians to search for the truth.above is part one, here are parts two and three. each are i hour long but well worth it. if you want the truth do not miss seeing these.it will open your eyes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Glmjrd5XtE //www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIE-rtV9Qu4&playnext=1&list=PL3B7B0598823EE9D1 derek leslie
This is the official website of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness lead by Dr. David E. Owuor, the Prophet of Lord. This is the last minute wake-up call for those Christians who have not walked in holiness and righteousness to prepare the way for the coming Messiah. You are the most blessed sons and daughters on earth at this moment because this will help you find the narrow path to the Kingdom of God. God bless you all! Arthur Park Arthur Park
Teachings and Interviews by Dr. Richard Kent. Who is Dr. Richard Kent? Richard is a retired medical doctor, and an ordained Christian minister.He is interested only in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and providing free Christian evangelistic and educational material. Richard sells no material at all, of any kind, ever. Richard also gives Free Conferences anywhere in the world, at no cost at all to the churches. TREFLYN JONES
Ministry available P Bateman
This is my blog and website where i talk about church, faith and life. Dean Seddon
A good site, explains about eternal security the history and the root of the doctrine, I like to find out how these things start. where they come from. look at the links on the left hand side of that web page. have a good read pray and think. derek leslie
We all love free stuff! heres a page of free downloads books videos etc Philip Lyon
I posted a web site about did Jesus died on good friday with a few links in it. this new one gives a very good argument for it been on thursday.it seems that the subject is complex. some explain thursday, some wednesday. I thought i would include this one so you can see all the different views.please see the last link i put in as well as this one, then you can try to work it out for yourself.good luck. derek leslie
the rapture the truth about it. its a long web address, dont know if it will show the end of it above.here it is again in case http://www.dimensionsoftruth.org/bill-britton/closer-look-at-rapture/the-rapture-of-the-church-what-is-it/ copy and paste the complete lot. its best way. A must see. read it to the end. derek leslie
A site setup as an ongoing testimony of God and His grace, anyone can have a Chatroom within the chat of CFW,Just ask,its free. With free online bible studies written by the owner, online bible resource, community pages. terry
if you ever feel down and sorry for yourself take a look at this site and be greatful for what you have. this man cant move at all parlyzed head down. but he can sing. read his story on his site. he is a christian. he tells his whole story and you can hear his songs. derek leslie
If you want a study of which day did Jesus really die on. warning it took me 3 nights to work it all out. you must read all the pages listed on the frist page to be able to understand it all.it was worth it to get at the truth. also see just one page. http://home.sprynet.com/~pabco/jewsrej.htm also then must read to get full understanding http://www.giveshare.org/HolyDay/passovernelte.html and scroll to bottom for more good articals derek leslie
a must see. go to site look at video on the site page. excellent testimonys healing ect.youtube also shows the paralyzed woman healed. just type in holy bay spirit in the search in youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbap_68QVt4&feature=related derek leslie
this is something every christian should see and think hard.there are two parts, go to the link see part one the second part scroll down. its full name is false spirits invade the church, by andrew strong.its very disturbing but a must see. its no good just putting this under the table.it has to be addressed. I would welcome feed back please. you can send a message via task Jesus to me. derek leslie
Since November 1993, UNIQUE WRITING PUBLICATIONS (UK) has been dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ, to the lost of this world by writing and publishing unique, transforming, life-changing literature of eternal value. UNIQUE WRITING PUBLICATIONS (UK) was founded by Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal an award-winning photo-journalist and freelance writer, who holds a B.A Degree in Writing & Publishing and Religious Studies. Affectionately known as 'THE PEN OF A READY WRITER', Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal is the author of eight books, and the 'ghost writer' of several other books all in print. Daniele Luciano Moskal
The BE-ABOUTS Generation: is a non-profit Childrens ministry founded by Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal, that aims to teach the Gospel message of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ in an easy-to-comprehend, fun-loving way, that uses animated Bible stories, jokes, tricks, illusions, gospel art, puppets, and singalong songs to children of the ages 4 - 9 upwards. Daniele Luciano Moskal
M-I-G-S (Men In God Saved) MIGS is the acronym of "MEN-IN-GOD-SAVED" a blog page dedicated to God's amazing grace, tender mercies, and 'agape' unconditional love in taking people out of the miry clay of life's messy problems and turning their lives around from bad to good for God's glory, and taking their mess and making it into a message - a testimony to the power of love, and compassion portrayed in the life of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Daniele Luciano Moskal
Design, Print and Marketing Services for Churches and Ministries in the UK Dean Seddon
Trying to get none Christians to think about Jesus Christ. Clive Lawrinson
Another download site - Earthquake Kelley, Ian McCormack and similar material. Check out the posters near the bottom of the page they are excellent! Philip Lyon
More MP3 traching from a marvellous collection of teachers, including Chuck Missler, Josh McDowell and Many Many more (follow the link to one page of teachings, then select MP3download to access archived yearly files) Philip Lyon
a library of MP3's and e-books & video files you can "borrow" and some to download to keep and share. Mainly American, Copelands, Perry Stone, Joyce Meyer etc. Philip Lyon
one more really good site for bible study etc, to find where a verse is. and all references. possibly the best site, its very easy to find what you are looking for. check it out. bookmark it. http://bibletab.com/ excellent concordance. derek leslie
really good site for all bible info.i think its even better than e-sword.easy to use for all bible ref derek leslie
this is a brand new Christian internet radio offical opening 11/04/10 pls pray for the Lord to be Glorified David Dawson
Gospel.com is the online gateway to the Gospel.com Ministry Community. It's a place where the hundreds of Christian ministries in the Community can organize their content. The goal is to make the resources of the Community--online articles, music, podcasts, Bible studies, devotionals, and much more--as easy for you to find as possible. TREFLYN JONES
The best in christian Tv ministry check this site watch online Justin Thomas Gregory
"The Community for Seekers, Skeptics and Believers" TREFLYN JONES
DR PETER GAMMONS is respected around the world as an evangelist, statesman and Bible scholar. It is historically documented that he has spoken to larger crowds than any other person in history, with up to four million people in a single service. He was born and raised in Ramsey, near Cambridge , England. As a young man he met with Christ and received a dramatic and supernatural call from God to "Take My healing message and My healing power to the World." TREFLYN JONES
I would highly recommend visiting Dan Chesney Ministries Web site, he is a great speaker, well known to FGBMFI Chapters and is an ideal speaker for events. Lynn Heritage. Lynn Heritage
As former professional boxer, now turned Hollywood pastor, Bishop Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley is sharing his powerful anointed message with people around the world. His appearances on many Christian television and radio programs is moving people as never before. TREFLYN JONES
Our goal for over 100 years has been to encourage Christians, in the United Kingdom, to read, carry, and share God's Word each day. Today we continue to provide free gospels of John or Mark to enable Christians to share their faith with others. The Pocket Testament League UK, adopted the working name “Bridge Builders” in 2004 to reflect our desire to help you build bridges to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who don’t yet know Jesus. I THANK CAROLE ATKINSON FOR PASSING ON THIS WEBSITE LINK TREFLYN JONES
highly recommend to go in on this webside and get up to date news about Israel. Attended a 2 wks. intensive Bible School autumn 008 there, and it was just wonderful!!! Advice everyone intr. in Israel and what is happening between Arab/Jew to go in and read article written by David Davis, "The rise and fall of Islam" aslso his book pluss many others - you will not be dissappointed! a must in these last days!!! maryann
Pete Samra is an Evangelist and a great man of God, God gave him a vision to build 120 Churches in South Africa, so far he has built and trained Pastors for 27 and by the year end, he will be up to 30. See the video, on his web. Pete Samra is over in October He is keynote speaker at an event called "UK Unite 2010" The purpose of this event is to Unify Churches and FGBMFI to equip them for the end time harvest. This event takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of October, but Pete is here for three weeks, starting in Ireland and moving through Wales and England. I hope that some Brothers in the North West will contact me to have him as a guest speaker at their Church or Chapter. When Pete came to Wales we felt he was a catalyst for change. Pete has prayed for us on a daily basis and supports us with regular calls to pray together. He is a great brother in the Lord and I hope that some churches and FGBMFI Chapters will be able to use him during those days. Your Brother, Lynn. Lynn Heritage
Ambassador project open to all. The Birds of Life have a mission to make this World a better place. Web site for Details. Geoffrey Jackson
Something supernatural is happening this week in Hong Kong. Scripture speaks of the time when “a great multitude that no one can count from every tribe, nation and language stood before the throne and in front of the Lamb. TREFLYN JONES
Encore Gospel Entertainment Magazine is the premier online Black Gospel and Christian music entertainment magazine. Encore Gospel Entertainment Magazine is a division of Total Prayze Entertainment Group. To view the magazine click the enter button below. In order to view the magazine you need the FREE Flash Player. This issue of Encore Gospel Entertainment Magazine features interviews with Tye Tribbett & GA, Sean Slaughter, Pastor Debra Morton, etc... As this magazine continues to grow we will stay true to our mission which is to be the definition of style and excellence in the industry. TREFLYN JONES
e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. The fact that e-Sword is free is just one of the blessings and does not speak of the quality of the software. I make my living writing software and I believe I have put forth my best effort in this endeavor. The real work, however, was put in by the godly men and women who devoted countless years creating the texts that have been made available for our benefit. TREFLYN JONES
Daren Steblow a christian stand-up (link to a part of his show) enjoy. Justin Thomas Gregory
A message called The other side of Grace by Louie Giglio Justin Thomas Gregory
Welcome Oasis Warrington is a brand new pioneering initiative with a passion to build a relevant 21st century church in Warrington, Cheshire; a church that will touch this generation with God’s amazing love and inspire and empower people to reach for their destiny. Justin Thomas Gregory
Hope 2008 outreach infomation and news in and round manchester Justin Thomas Gregory
Warrington`s First & Only Christian Radio Station ... email us & we will contact you to help with the problem ........ The salvation Radio support team. info@salvationradio.co.uk Justin Thomas Gregory
A true christian website about real isues like the banks ect. just listen to the radio on their its good. daniel
Check this insane sick poisening of the vacinations and tell people about it. daniel
http://en.cinemawiki.tv/movie/movie_End+Game.html This is a film called end game must see documentry about the fate of the world. daniel
Also hears a video on the mark of the beast revalation talks about. PlZ Watch this video clip. Also if u wanna email me ill send you some video's such as END GAME BLUE PRINT TO GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT. or visit www.infowars.com Also my email adress is good_lookin_530@hotmail.com daniel
Weekly Devotion from Jesse. A little youth bit for the youth members on this great site Justin Thomas Gregory
You Tube now there is God Tube the link is to the Bible click and read the Word Of God online Justin Thomas Gregory
"Paul Aldrich is a classic case study of the dynamic of contemporary Christian humor, health and holiness, bound up in one package and set to music." Justin Thomas Gregory
A useful site for those running an Alpha Course. Jokes and tips from seasoned Alpha Course leaders. Keith Evans
Nicholaston House is a Christian Retreat and Healing Centre offering prayer, support and teaching in an environment of peace and love. It is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. 'In this place I will grant peace' Haggai 2:9 Keith Evans
Over 20 years ago, Chris and Kerry Cole started Cross Rhythms. They saw that a media voice for the Christian faith was vital to get the Christian response to society’s ills back into the marketplace of everyday lives. The radio began in 1983 with a half-hour programme on Plymouth Sound, an ILR station in Devon. The magazine was first published in April 1990, the first festival was held in 1991 and the website was initially launched in 1995. This is link to more Christian Events in and round the U.K Justin Thomas Gregory
Care For Uganda is a UK based charity working in partnership with local communities in Uganda. The sponsorship programme supports a child in primary school with school fees, uniform, scholastic materials and food - we currently have just short of 300 children being sponsored. Keith Evans
People with a Mission Ministries. TREFLYN JONES
Ask God a new programme when people ask question, to see if the people have the answers.. Justin Thomas Gregory
Nothing To Big for GOD Justin Thomas Gregory
hi my website is advertising the church i go and also has a forum and my testimonie please sign up to forum i just would like to get to no more christians your brother in christ peter peter
my web site as a christian and as a seccular performer with my testimony, also some of the worlds most famous sports people who i have wittnessed to and prayed with. charles hansen
Eight FREE Audio Lessons...by Ray Comfort from Way Of The Master Justin Thomas Gregory
Sorry link address being so long this is a bible study lesson online Just click on the date you wish to view and download it, or click on Monday to Friday and Watch Now Justin Thomas Gregory
Understanding from the Bible the Word FAITH! Justin Thomas Gregory
Ok, Ok, so we are not actually Jesus. But we do feel we know Him pretty well. So, if you have a question about the The Bible, Christianity, or just life in general then why no ask us. TREFLYN JONES
Daily Christian Funny Cartoons Justin Thomas Gregory
Interview with GOD Justin Thomas Gregory
Outreach Site:-watch The Way Of The Master programme here.(note vlc media player maybe need to view) will play in Windows media Justin Thomas Gregory
Drive Thru History is a joy ride through the fast lane of times-gone-by led by the irreverent but always relevant Dave Stotts. Program Schedule:All programs are subject to change without notice. Wed 4:00AM/Sat 4:00PM(GMT) Justin Thomas Gregory
A short film on the life of Paul and the Way God used him to peach and teach the Love Of God in Rome and the world Justin Thomas Gregory
Charity no.1006653 is an international charity, based in Newton le Willows/Lowton dedicated to helping disadvantaged and disabled children and young people. Its main projects are based in Romania, Burma and Sri Lanka. It includes Chrysalis holidays - prov Gill Dickinson
Bible verse for your day and every day Justin Thomas Gregory
Welcome to BibleGateway.com, a free service for reading and researching Scripture online--all in the language or translation of your choice! We provide advanced tools you can use to search the Bible by keywords or verse, as well as other tools to enhance Justin Thomas Gregory
Ian was a happy young chap diving for shellfish off the Mauritius Islands when he was stung by a Box Jellyfish. In his account of events he describes what happened, and how he died from the sting. However, because his Mum had been praying for him for year TREFLYN JONES
Liverpool based music outreach events TREFLYN JONES
Phil Collins tribute act turned Evangelist - available for testimony and performance TREFLYN JONES
Christian Resource Organisation TREFLYN JONES
Story on ‘Books Of The Bible’ TREFLYN JONES
Christian Outreach Organisation - worldwide ministry TREFLYN JONES
Christian Videographers web site TREFLYN JONES

Members Website Links
Harmony Ministries Peter B. Cunningham
Gospel tracts - low cost - available to order. Each one gives a challenge from the very first sentence, such as "Where would you go if you died tonight - Heaven or Hell?". Good for starting conversations as you give them out and seek to share the Gospel message. Each tract has an opportunity for the reader to order booklets giving further information. Designed for mass distribution. Tony Garlick
Terry & Jill Eckersley Newsletter yearly 2013 update Glory to God in the highest, Peace on earth, to all men and women on whom His favour rests! The story begins. Christmas Newsletter 2013 BORN READY After the end of an era always comes a new one. After 20 years serving the vulnerable and marginalised communities in the UK & world as CEO within the YMCA, it was time to move on, move up & share the life changing Gospel message more freely, and this started with my autobiography Born Ready. It is always a challenge moving from the old to the new, especially when you have built a work from scratch. I really want to honour the hard work and my career/calling within the YMCA. I have had over 15 years of fruitful life, career, calling, especially to people in need, as I once was! I will add the press release from this book at the end of newsletter. I had been working on this for 12 years, but after the end of the Surrey & YMCA season, I was able to work wholeheartedly for 9 months on the book, after working on this from time to time for the last 12 years. It was a real challenge, re-living my story, working through again, prayerfully some real challenging memories and issues. Like Derek Prince said about his biography, " It was like digging a dead man up". This was because I'd spent 22 years, putting my old man to death & renewing my mind, body & spirit to the new creation I have/we have become in Christ. 2 Cor 5-17. JJohn my good friend and now I'm honoured to be an associate Evangelist with him, really helped get this launched, and many other great associations have begun. Enjoy this newsletter, we are truly amazed and encouraged at what has been accomplished not even one year into our next leg of our new journey together. STRONG & CREDIBLE PARTNERSHIPS & FRIENDS COMPASSION UK I met with Justin Dowd at Compassion, I've agreed to give 10% of book profits to support the leadership programme. This is explained on the book multiple ordering form. They do a great job. I'm going to Haiti in December 2013 to see, thus support and be an ambassador for the work. Supporting the poorest Children on the planet in a sustainable way. JJOHN & PHILO TRUST I first met John at his Evangelists conference and Jill and I are friends with other associates, Barry Woodward of Proclaim Trust, who we have supported for a while now, we have donated books to his Fixed Conference 2013 for his work with addicts. Rev Andy Econemedies of The Soteria Trust, Steve Legg, who's also Editor of The Christian Men's Mag Sorted, whom we have just had a three page feature. UCB I kept hearing the name Bill Partington who is head of strategic partnerships. We met Bill & the team & felt a very strong divine connection in friendship & spirit. This initial meeting has led to numerous TV & Radio spots to start production. UCB has now grown to be a leading Christian media ministry and is spread across two sites. CVM We met Carl Beech, guest speaker at a UCB leaders day, shortly after I spoke at a CVM in our native Rotherham, seeing many men encouraged and many men hearing The Gospel for the first time. OUT OF ASHES I first met Peter Gladwyn 10 years ago when he was a probation officer! Peter is now also a full time Evangelist on the back of his powerful autobiography of the above name. We have shared much together including a powerful & successful trip into Thorne Cross Youth Offenders Institute. (YOI.) I also shared in there, Jill sang & we donated lots of free books again. As we get established we want to give more inspirational resources to the depths I was delivered from. PRISON MINISTRY We have also sent out FREE copies of Born Ready into ALL the YOIs and (WP) women's prisons in and around South Yorkshire! Also through our local Church Prison Chaplain Andrew, we have donated a substantial amount of books & the booklet True Apprentice. This is an area we want to continue to prayerfully & intelligently get The Gospel to AS MANY Prisoners as we possibly can. We can do this through strategic partnerships and by people/organisations Sponsoring us & books to go in & minister The Gospel. CHURCH OF ENGLAND Muslims, Sikhs & Hindus coming to Christ Jesus as Saviour, Healer & Lord In Feb 2013 I was invited by an old friend from my time in Southampton, Romail Gulzar of Pukaar News. His brother in law, Canon Javaid Iqbal, oversaw about 3 Churches in Leicester. One was on the market to be sold for about £300k, however many people of different faiths and nationalities began to get converted to Christ! He and the Bishop, scratched there heads, The Bishop commissioned a converted Muslim professor as an Evangelist, and employed him, put him in the parsonage and took the Church off the market! We where move to the top of the list to minister into what The Lord Is doing there. My message was Translated in Urdu, in Leicester UK, opposite UKs biggest Sikh temple!!! Also to be broadcast on http://www.isaactelevision.tv/ I spoke on the theme, It's all working out! From Romans 8-28, this message was greatly received & translated in Urdu, with many people from different nationalities & faiths coming to accept Jesus as saviour, Lord & healer! Many weeping at the altar. This was filmed and is due to be broadcast on Isaac TV. PRISON MINISTRY Letter from inmate. Here is a letter/email we received after our recent time of ministry. Hi,its JOHN SMITH name changed here.I met you very briefly in Thorn Cross(H.M.P.) I was the scouse drummer you spoke to on the way out. I read the book you gave me 'Born Ready' and was really impressed,inspirational! We have a few things in common such as the love for the Clash and especially Joe Strummer(God Bless) Reggae, motorcycles,and punk rock changed my life as well.I also love the gym and have gained various qualifications while inside(Focus Level 2Gym instructor) I have also been studying with the Open University and have nearly completed an open foundation degree in Sports Science. I own with my partner Sharon, a restaurant in Crosby Liverpool called the Lemon Tree,which at the moment is number one AGAIN on Trip advisor, out of 565 restaurants in Liverpool. So something is working. We are looking to expand and invest in the business.I was hoping that you may be coming back to Thorn Cross and that i could get some advice from you concerning the business and some other matters. So until i hear from you, take care and God Bless. Gary Shields. We will continue to support this prisoner, prison and others as we move forwards together in this work. INTERNATIONAL Bulgaria Just before Christmas 2012, I visited Bulgaria taking aid, love, gifts and The Gospel to orphanages, also speaking in many very poor Gypsy Churches & communities & also The large New Generation large Church is Sophia with Pastor Plamen & Debbie. We where hosted by Pastor Tommy & stayed at the Bible Society Head quarters there. I went with a friend who heads up a Charity called where there's a need. In his own words, "Why 'Where there's a need'?... Our pragmatic approach to helping these Precious Children and those who need it most started in 2008. On our first visit we were taken to a 0-3 year Orphanage. I was led into a room of 0-18 months and the first baby boy I met was standing in his cot looking straight at me with the most beautiful smile. He wrapped his little arms around me and squeezed his face into my neck. After walking around with him for 10 minutes it was time to put him back. However, he clung onto me like not wanting to be put back down. Prizing him off, putting him back in his cot and then walking away as he cried was Heartbreaking. These experiences never leave you, and just as we were once spiritually orphaned children who cried out from a sincere broken heart and experienced the tender loving kindness of Jesus, and were adopted as Son's, so must we "who can" respond to this desperate cry. I'm reminded in John 14 v 18 when Jesus say's; "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you" Those resounding words are compelling especially when we consider James 1 v 27" It was a joy to see faces of joy when we took gifts & The Gospel message of love & power. They appreciated and where blessed by our ministry so much, we have been invited back to hold some open air Gospel campaigns spring 2013. We have been asked to come back & do so e outdoor campaigns in Spring 2013 & visit orphanages and Churches again. TENERIFE We first met the Director of an outreach into the red light area there a few years ago, whilst holidaying, are we ever of duty!? He wanted some advice. We then met the local Pastor and a great ministry friendship & connection began. We love Bill & Roz & The Church & Living Room, drop in/outreach & have enjoyed friendship & ministry out there now for a few years. Preaching in ALL there locations and outreaches and done a great open air, men's breakfast. This is a tremendous ministry, reaching the lost & broken & including them in the Tenerife Family Church Family. We feel a real friendship & connection with this work and at time of writing Pastor Bill will be visiting us the next week, 2nd week in March 2013. NEW YORK. I have felt a strong connection and call to New York for 15+ years, this is my third trip in March 2013 for a prayer breakfast, & also getting to encourage and speak into a HUGE Foster Complex, Our continuum of services reaches thousands of children and families living in New York City annually ministering to thousands of Orphans every year. This has come from a relationship I first made via the YMCA and another Bill, who oversaw the C Project, magnifying the Christ within the YMCA. I will update you on this work and others as we continue to progress. CHRISTIAN STEWARDSHIP We are now registered with Christian Stewardship services, so if you want to support us as we now share The Gospel, locally, nationally & all over the world as we are invited and led, this process is now set up, simple and we can get gift aid also. Please be assured we are not putting any effort into building a fundraising machine or project. We feel The Lord wants us to spend ourselves now purely on The Gospel, and thus donate ALL our time, effort, energy and prayer into winning people to Jesus and all He has for them. Simply doing the work of an Evangelist. Ephesians 4-11. Please realise we will not be offended if you can't sponsor us financially, continue to stay friends, be encouraged and lets pray for each other. We value, love and appreciate you and continue to pray for you as we enjoying doing life together. New York, New England Tour March 2013. Terry Eckersley Firstly we want to thank my dear long time friend Bill Tetrault for inviting & organising The Born Ready tour. I first met Bill around 10 hears ago at an international conference with his desire to magnify The Christ & the Christian mission of The YMCA. We have had an amazing 10 days and 14 speaking engagements!! I spoke at many different places from Orphanages, Churches of differing flavours, slept & spoke in a rehab & The Bronx. I was especially moved by the great work & ministry to "the least of these", wow! I managed to have one chilled day in Time Square, and went to the top of The Empire State Building. We thank God for the opportunities to become friends, share and see so many responding to Jesus and ALL He has done, and many reports of refreshing, healing and encouragement. We loved getting to meeting Terry Eckersley and putting you to work for the Kingdom in our part of the Northeast…and look forward to partnering again! It was an honor for me…and likewise, I consider it a divine strategic partnership that God put together for a purpose. May God continue to bless you and your wife…and we will look for the best way to use you to encourage and challenge people through your life testimony and winsome spirit. I do not think the Lord is finished with you in New England! Blessings, Pastor Dan McCandless New England USA I did miss seeing my wife Jill who some of you know personally or brought through her album Secret Place. We are planning a vacation next and prayerfully considering when next to come back to the USA. We have had many invitations back to speak, Jill sings and we want to do this in a prayerfully and intelligent manner, for maximum leverage for The Gospel. This seems to be developing in the New York and New England areas with new reason, new season, divine strategic partners. TESTIMONIALS/ENDORSEMENTS Terry Eckersley was a surprise guest for a women's gathering at the New England Prayer Center on March 28th. Terry Eckersley draws people to an understanding of the importance to “Be in God presence. He had a beautiful testimony of God’s Love. He also had a word of knowledge for a woman, calling her name, resulting in a deliverance of negative thoughts about herself. We look forward to having Terry back with us on the future. Gina blaze/Co Director of the New England Prayer Center Hi Terry, Good to hear from you and glad you had a good trip! You are welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to be with us and for allowing the Lord to use you in such significant ways while you were here! Thanks for your prayers and we look forward to learning how things are developing with possibilities for your speaking at the Black Rock Church men's retreat in September. Bill T. Terry, I enjoyed having some time to meet with you last week. I hope we are able to see each other again. Thank you for your wisdom and perspective. Tom Orr I talked about you all weekend to my Salvation Army buddies. You were such a blessing while you were here and because I know that God is so wonderful, you will still be one from a distance. Please continue you to let God use you so powerfully. His presence is evident in your life. All our best to your wife as well! God bless you, brother! John Thompson Salvation Army Yonkers YMCA Good Friday Prayer Breakfast My trip culminated in an amazing Good Friday celebratory prayer breakfast. This was a tremendous of The Church, YMCA and other key ministries and individuals working and enjoying life and friendship TOGETHER. this really was world shaking and history making........if this continues, history proves this and success leaves clues! I also shared with around 500 Church, business & community leaders and gave an award and follow up copies of The True Apprentice, I have had much positive feedback about this. FREE resources My full story in Born Ready is available through Amazon or my website www.terryeckersley.co.uk you can also sign up for our newsletter and my web guy will send this out in that format. I will also give FREE copies. Another FREE DVD & soon Jills CD is available through www.taskjesus.co.uk resources. So my friends, enjoy Easter, stay blessed and catch up real soon. Please pass on this newsblast to any relevant parties. We am so grateful for Gods grace, your friendship, divine timing and partnerships and Jill and I look forward to getting to know you more and seeing you more. Please pray for us as we continue pray for you. Much love & prayers, Terry & Jill www.terryeckersley.co.uk Summer 2013 Sunny, Smiling Update! Hi, our dear friends, We have had a really fruitful, fun and effective Summer! With a couple of challenges that we overcame with faith, friendship and prayer, our trusted car, got sick and died! It was missing on one cylinder for you who are mechanically minded, this seemed minor but after going through changing plugs, spark ones! Leads, jump not dog ones and coils, it wouldn't get better, so we had to let it die, we didn't want to & couldn't anyway through good money at an uncertainty, but..........Thanks be to God, the finance came in to buy Jill's favourite car a more modest yet funky street KA, 1.6 injection, so we can get around the UK doing what Gods called us to do. Sharing the simple, yet powerful Gospel message, coupled with my testimony & humour. Jill and I often travel together and Jill often does musical items, worship songs, from her self titled Secret Place debut album. We have been seeing an incredible response. I would not be alive without this same message and life of Gods grace, healing power and love. Prisons We have had a fruitful time in three prisons, Thorncross, Nottingham and Feltham. Thorncross was on the back of a taskjesus outreach we did, where 12 of my old school friends came to hear my testimony and respond to The Gospel, this was very moving, amazing and a real blessing. Others also responded to the Gospel and we prayed for the sick. The Prison event was open air, many came and heard my story and responded to the altar call, a worship band was Compassion from Manchester also in with us, who helped with praying with us and the Chaplaincy team under the leadership of Anglican Chaplain Shawn who is doing an amazing job. Nottingham Prison, again, I shared my testimony and many prisoners responded fervently to the invitation for Salvation, really hungry, and God moved and met many men and the officers, where also encouraged and really responsive! We had a great time in Feltham YOI, Youth Offenders Institute, the largest in Europe. I spoke at both Sunday services and we saw 24 young men respond to Salvation, many lung fatherless, gang members, looking for love and affirmation, as I was, who could relate to my story and a loving God, who saves, heals and provides. We then went on to do some " True Apprenticeship" coaching, discipleship, many more came back and brought there friends, to become disciples, leaders and followers of Christ. Please continue to pray for these men and the Chaplain Matt Boyes, and his team who are doing an outstanding job. This has inspired us to do a very simple training DVD pack for Chaplains and Prisoners FREE! We can get the Gospel and discipleship message told in a user friendly way, by me, who has proved that trusting and following Jesus works. We have done this with many other friends and partners and look forward to releasing this soon. It has themes such as new beginnings, true apprenticeship, career, calling, destiny, new family, friends and partners, etc, basically all people need for a new start in Christ. We also share other organisations, Churches and ministries that can help support Prisoners upon release. If you want to help with the cost of producing and distributing this, you can do this easily via the website. We really appreciate any financial support you can give to this. We will also give a gift of this to anyone who is excited with us and wants to get on board with this amazing initiative. Jill and I have also just returned from Calvary Church with our friends and AOG Pastors Richard and Joyce Hill. We did three meetings over the weekend, an outreach on the Friday followed by a men's lunch and a Sunday morning celebration. This was truly inspiring, a woman was healed of deafness in one ear, who was translated to by The Pastors wife! God really moved and blessed His people. This was as Jill was singing an item at the altar call, it was in the moment, powerful, wonderful and the Church went wild! We are now Born Ready for a weekend of meetings with our friends from The Arena Church a vibrant, growing amazing Church at Derby and Ilkerston, who have just bought a cinema to convert to a Church and community centre. We are honoured and excited to be with our friends Pastors Kristian Thorpe, his wife and team. We are going to be working more closely with this Church and also Steve Holmes a leader at the Church and a significant Philanthropist and Entrepreneur. We also have had many other out reaches to look all documented on our website; Norwich Southampton Stoke, please come and visit if you are local! We are also looking forward to the UCB leaders day 18th September with my colleague, whom I'm an Assocaite with Canon JJohn, who's coaching and friendship I have enjoyed and been honoured and grateful for, the day after my 52nd Birthday! I know, I don't look it! Well I was pickled for years on hard drugs and The Lord has renewed my mind and youth! We are then of to a dark island off the coast of Africa with our friends Pastors Bill and Roz Jeffrey's, for a break and doing some speaking! It Tenerife but that doesn't sound as spiritual! SEPTEMBER 2013 Jill and Terry Eckersley are blessed and doing great, we celebrated my 52nd birthday with our dear friends and strategic partners at UCB with team and Jjohn and team. It was such a blessing to be with people who truly love us and celebrate us, not tolerate us! We would encourage you to also live the same. After a time of celebrating over a meal, cake, candles and sharing stories on my way back to our room I was being broadcast via UCBs Hearts Wide Open TV Show. Isn't it amazing now how we can share The Gospel and our testimonies of how Jesus is still in the business of ransoming, healing, restoring and forgiving people? I was awoken with the words, Terry's on television last week, I was sharing " it's time to flourish" again via UCB TV God-spots,! We have visited 3 Prisons in the last quarter and seen many people come to faith in Christ and turn there lives over to Him, this has been so moving, exciting, and an honour. We are continuing to visit Prisons, and announce a really exciting initiative. We have produced a DVD That is a resource for Chaplains in UK Prisons to start with. This DVD COVERS salvation, apprenticeship/discipleship and biblical keys I applied to allow Gods great plan unfold in my life, it encourages the viewer to do the same. I will share an endorsement from a Prison Chaplain and JJohn, who I'm an associate minister and he's a coaching/mentoring friend. We are also looking forward to meetings across the UK and Europe with bookings now into 2014, you can see these events on section of our website, it would be great to see you at one if you can make it and we are in your area. We are pressured for funds to complete this project,! £2000.00 needed to start distribution Could you please consider and action giving into the DVD initiative, this is an amazing opportunity to help bring a spiritual awakening into our Prisons and the least of these with the Gospel. When God gets hold of someone who needs much forgiveness they really do serve Him then with much love and become world shakers and history makers. You can send cheques, give me a call, donate online, it's safe, secure and through Christian Stewardship Services, we are accountable and transparent. http://terryeckersley.co.uk/support-us/ You may want to support us on a monthly basis, we/you can get gift aid on all donations. Thanks for ALL you ARE and DO, we continue to pray the victory of Jesus and The Cross into every area of your lives. Endorsements It means so much to me to know that you have such a great heart for the Lost the Least and the Broken. Every one of the people that you spoke with the last time you came for a visit felt very blessed and that you really did care for them. Thanks also for the wonderful news re the Chaplains resource pack. Wow, what a blessing. May the Lord richly bless you. Yours in Christ Rev. Shawn Verhey Anglican Co-ordinating Chaplain HMP YOI Thorn Cross Arley Road Appletonthorn Norwich November 2013 Worth Reading, I Think! Three Amazing Days Message from Barrie Lawrence who hosted us at Norwich. It was some months ago that we asked Terry Eckersley if he would speak at Norwich FGB (he was recommended by Peter Gladwin, ) who was probably the most anointed speaker we have had at FGB this year – and we have had good speakers). Then Terry’s time with us was extended to 3 days, with FGB Friday evening, a meeting at St Stephens Church in the centre of Norwich, in partnership with Radical Church, on the Saturday evening, and meetings with Liberty at our home Sunday morning, and at Spixworth Sunday evening. Great! The meetings were given publicity by Network Norwich, which serves Norfolk churches and Christians online, and by the Eastern Daily Press, our local newspaper. We made it known through our email lists (FGB and Liberty) and put out flyers. We emailed and telephoned with Terry, and prayed towards the weekend of meetings. A few days before the weekend, things started going wrong. And the day before the first (FGB) meeting, our telephone system went down. Bear in mind that I was taking the bookings for the FGB dinner at which Terry was speaking, and this was the time for last minute bookings and cancellations. BT said they would talk me through it (over my mobile) and had me empty a cupboard, climb in, and flick a switch. There was no switch. It was dusty. It was cramped. Then the mobile signal went. Eventually one of our 7 extension phones was working, which was better than nothing. The next morning was the day of the first meeting. I read my Bible with Wendy and we prayed. I then read by myself, and it was the story of Abraham taking Isaac up Mount Moriah to sacrifice him, only to return to a life of true blessing, with Isaac resulting in Jacob, Israel, 12 sons, 12 tribes and a Saviour. What was God saying to me? What might I sacrifice? What might I then receive? I looked at the BBC news, and then at the Stock Market. The first three digits of the Footsie were 666! It wouldn’t normally bother me (I am not superstitious) but I sensed a divine warning on this occasion. Then the telephone rang. It was Terry Eckersley’s wife to say that Terry, who is never ill, was ill. Very ill. Unable to get out of bed. At his home in Yorkshire. And Terry, who had never cancelled a meeting, was cancelling the whole 3 days of meetings. Strangely, by the grace of God, I did not panic. I felt I knew what was going on, and that all would be well. I emailed FGB chaps and asked for prayer to be made. Wendy and I had a short appointment to get to, and….. the garage doors would not open. We were getting late. We got them open after a while, and then they would not close. Eventually we got them closed. Back home a little later, I went for a prayer walk round the village. What should we do at FGB that evening?What would we do for a speaker on Saturday evening? – people were expecting Terry! And Sunday morning and Sunday evening? I sat down and drafted out some ideas. I was still strangely calm – I sensed that something good was going to come out of this. 12.30 pm. The (repaired) telephone rang. “Hi. This is Terry. You been praying? I suddenly got better. Really better. Amazing. I’ll freshen up and drive down. Now. Yes – from Rotherham. See you.” Friday evening. Lots of last minute bookings. Loads of people coming forward for prayer, healing, etc. Saturday evening. So many people. 150? More? Awesome praise and worship, anointed preaching, so many people responding to the message. Sunday morning. We broke bread at our home, remembered Calvary, thanked Jesus for all he is doing. Sunday evening. Church full – nearly! Many responding to the message. Later that evening, sitting at home around 10.30 pm, Terry speaks to his wife via FaceTime with his iPad. He jumps up, laughing. “I’m not going to bed here after all tonight. I’m going home.” We pray. He jumps in his car – the security system starts wailing! He drives up to our gate waving, out onto the lane – and back to Rotherham. Goodbye and Thankyou Terry! Thank you Jesus! Share ! I have just returned from an amazing trip to India with compassion uk. We have sponsored a child for years, from the poorest of the poor. It was an honour and privalidge to travel with Justin Dowd, Ian the CEO, Graham Kendrick, and other major donors. to see the work of compassion was really moving. I saw the mud built homes/rooms 6 people families live in. From sponsoring a child they get fed, clothed, schooled in a four part curriculum, spiritual-led to Christ and discipled, education, health and social training and are part of a local church. often the whole family come to faith in Christ and attend the local church! an infrastructure is raised up from grassroots providing training, empowerment, employment and they take responsibility for the projects, it was deeply moving. I got to see the work and minister to many young people and teams and churches. Terry Eckersley will be promoting the work of compassion and acting as an ambassador for them. I call it ” intelligent missionary work! ” it was really moving to visit the continued work of mother Theresa, I asked a sister, ” do you need medical qualifications to do this work. ” she answered…….. ” two hands to serve and one heart to love! ” I was moved to tears. We complicate things so much. Continue to pray for us as we share the. Gospel and promote the work of www.compassion.uk I’m writing this from our other strategic partners at www.ucb.com www.ucb.co.uk helping pioneer Christian TV in Bulgaria and. Europe. Then winding down for C heist as, it’s been a fruitful year, leading people to Christ ALL over the uk, Europe, India, USA. Rest and soak in His prescence this Christmas season. Terry and Jill Eckersley.I have just returned from an amazing trip to India with compassion uk. We have sponsored a child for years, from the poorest of the poor. It was an honour and privalidge to travel with Justin Dowd, Ian the CEO, Graham Kendrick, and other major donors. to see the work of compassion was really moving. I saw the mud built homes/rooms 6 people families live in. From sponsoring a child they get fed, clothed, schooled in a four part curriculum, spiritual-led to Christ and discipled, education, health and social training and are part of a local church. often the whole family come to faith in Christ and attend the local church! an infrastructure is raised up from grassroots providing training, empowerment, employment and they take responsibility for the projects, it was deeply moving. I got to see the work and minister to many young people and teams and churches. Terry Eckersley will be promoting the work of compassion and acting as an ambassador for them. I call it ” intelligent missionary work! ” it was really moving to visit the continued work of mother Theresa, I asked a sister, ” do you need medical qualifications to do this work. ” she answered…….. ” two hands to serve and one heart to love! ” I was moved to tears. We complicate things so much. Continue to pray for us as we share the. Gospel and promote the work of www.compassion.uk I’m writing this from our other strategic partners at www.ucb.com www.ucb.co.uk helping pioneer Christian TV in Bulgaria and. Europe. Then winding down for Christmas, it’s been a fruitful year, leading people to Christ ALL over the uk, Europe, India, USA. Rest and soak in His prescence this Christmas season. Terry and Jill Eckersley. Terry Eckersley
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Who is Terry Eckersley ? Terry Eckersley 0114 286 6343 Terry Eckersley Foundation Electric Works Sheffield Digital Campus Sheffield S1 2BJ visit: www.terryeckersley.co.uk Terry lives in the north of the UK. He is blissfully married to Jill an accomplished stylist, recording artist & worship leader and they have known each other 20 years and been married 5. Terry became a Christian in 1992 after a powerful conversion from a cycle of brokenness, drugs, crime & prison, this then led to healing & total redemption into extraordinary success. Then serving his way to CEO in Christian Charity & media helping people all around the world documented in his prolific autobiography "Born Ready ". Terry has been described as a tonic, humorous, high energy, yet vulnerable and relational. He has a strong gift of encouragement & shares the full Gospel message that has so radically changed him. Terry Eckersley is a creative communicator with an instant appeal that transcends all cultures, people groups & denominations. His much-appreciated art of motivational faith, with deep insight helps people to discover spiritual vitality in a humorous, friendly & powerful way that brings life and healing. A graduate of 2 Bible Colleges including Hillsong Leadership College. To date, he has completed many speaking, media, radio & TV engagements at Churches, conferences, towns, cities and Prisons in many countries & on 4 continents. Terry has published books, songs & music all around the world, on many platforms & mediums. An ambassador for Compassion UK & associate evangelist with JJohn & The Philo Trust. Terry Eckersley
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Grimsby based Christian church. List of meeting times, upcoming events & links to mp3 audio links of meetings. Also link to Facebook page. We are: An equipping church , that enables the 'whole' person, (spirit, soul and body) to live and have a victorious life, in Christ Jesus (1 Cor 15:57 & 1 Jn 5:4) A praying church A 'full gospel' proclaiming church A Church relevant to people's needs A dynamic and refreshing Church A Church that Glorifies God in all their activities Rick Parrott
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This website is a christian ministries and it about Rev. Peter Clement Ministry, SPIRIT-LIFE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES.Rev.Clement's Ministries is a HolyGhost, Spiritfilled Ministry.He believes and flows in all the nine gifts of the spirit, the Word of God being his foundation. Please pay a visit to our Ministry website and let us be partners in the work of our Lord fellowshipping together. l expect to hear from you. Remain forever Blessed! peter Clement
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Stage and Sound for christian outreach events. Center stage is a complete mobile covered stage system with onboard sound lighting and power. It can be up and running in under an hour and measures 26 feet by 16 feet. Areas covered are within 75miles of warrington. Contact me for availability Mike Miller 01925 450 925 office hours Mike Miller
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