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Jesus said    (MARK 16:15)

“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation“.
We know what we should be doing but we sometimes feel that we are not equipped or encouraged to do that.  The established Church looks to building congregations, but Jesus never told anyone to go and build Churches.  We know that churches are important for teaching, fellowship and guidance.

If you have a ministry from GOD,  become a member of TaskJesus where you can fellowship with like minded people who want to do GOD’s work in the community.  You will make many new friends, receive much encouragement by reading testimonies, share in the forum, promote your ministry on line all FREE.

TaskJesus is the “A TEAM” for Jesus.  Our membership continues to expand and the LORD’s will for our lives is being fulfilled.  As a member you will be kept up to date, on a daily basis, with every new entry added or amended on the TaskJesus web site.  You can choose to receive or not receive these notifications.
We hold regular monthly meetings in Warrington and Manchester where we invite people to come and share their testimonies to Christians who are encouraged to bring non-Christians with them to the meetings.  We also encourage our members to set up their own TaskJesus fellowship meetings, but no pressure from us to do this.
By becoming a member of TaskJesus your tent pegs will be extended, and you will fellowship with like minded people who want to spread the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.
Applying for membership is easy, just complete the registration form, please include relevant details about your walk with Jesus.