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Outpouring of The Holy Spirit! From: maryann 28 Jul 2012 (20:22)
Acts 1.8/But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth, and also read chap.2 verses 17 to 21 which also includes what is going to happen during the trib. yrs to Israel when they will be God s witnesses to those left on earth then.

THIS time is surely very near, no doubt about that ....we are being warned just about every day....the WORDS Jesus says to us not to lay up treasures on earth where they get stolen and destroyed but to lay up our treasures in Heaven is surely something we should take very seriously now.....time is running out....its no use building mansions for our pleasures on earth now......we are soon leaving this place and Jesus has built our mansions for us in our new home with Him!
BUT we seem to be caught up with this worlds system....in the body of Christ, we desperatly want revival...but are we willing to sacrifice ourselves, our stuff, our habits that keep us from seeking God as we should .......In the 1st chapter of Acts...Jesus commanded His disciples not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for the outpouring of His Holy Spirit / in chapter 2 we read what happened when the Holy Spirit fell on them, and they were FILLED with this power to do the work they had to do and thousands got saved, miracles happened , every day........
This is what we want...this is what we need NOW! we have to have this power from on high...for tooo long now we ve heard preachers taking this subject much to lightly...instead the body of Christ has been activated, just like the world, doing good, all kinds of charities etc.......BUT it hasnt made a big change.....it all boils down to almost nothing in the end......why...because we havnt got the supernatural power!!! The world isnt impressed by us...they do a lot of good stuff as well...they want to see more, they want to see something different...they want to see THAT JESUS GLOW ON US , cause with that special glow they wont be able to resist......God s power will draw them to HIM.......we have to stop listening to those religious spirits that tell us this isnt important...JESUS said it was! I really feel sorry for those who have preached that God s gifts, speaking in tongues etc. isnt important...they will have to make an account of what theyve said one day before God, that is very serious!
Churches are trying to make there own earning of this power by doing all kinds of good deeds, but we cant earn this power, God is not impressed by any of us, HE wants us down on our knees worshipping HIM and opening up for HIM so HE can fill us anew and anew NOW! an upperroom experience! Our own efforts trying to do stuff to earn God s merits is a deceptive religious spirit, we must get away from that deception now! It binds the church from receiving what God wants to give us....FAITH is a gift from GOD , you believe in a gift when you get it, but you have to have faith to use it! You can be physically drained but spiritually wildly alive in Christ! WE NEED TO GET THAT UPPERROOM EXPERIENCE NOW TO GET ON FIRE FOR OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!