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Looking to serve From: June Ritchie 28 Jul 2012 (11:14)
Salvation carries a responsibility to serve Jesus as a part of our gratitude for a changed life and a better one.
Why is it so many folks come into the church and think that once they find Jesus the only thing they must do from henceforth is to attend meetings!
In the book of Acts we find the apostles were constantly making new opportunities to reach the lost.
Thats what it should be like once we know we are found!
They met people in the market place and talked Jesus!
They gathered people in their homes and talked Jesus!
Everywhere they went they talked Jesus! The disciples lost no opportunity,
they were not cowed by the folks outside the camp
they went out to bring them IN! No fear just an eagerness to serve.
One of our friends was a bus driver he witnessed to all daily so passionately he nearly lost his job. BUT one by one the other drivers were getting saved! And they in their turn took his example and evangelised the rest so that the numbers in Christ grew. So did the church!!
My husband jim was a lorry driver who had the same reputation and a new nickname. It was well known to other drivers who used it daily,
it was \'Jimmy Jesus!\' Is there a better time to Look to serve than now?
We can be called home by Christ, Or martyred by the Anti-Christ at any time so Now! is the hour to Look to Serve. Be blessed and speak out today. June R.
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agree again  From: pauline Tait 28 Jul 2012 (22:17)
I don\'t door knock but I speak to people at every God given oppourtunity about Jesus and my faith even wearing perfume that will lead me onto the subject I love best....eternal Truth Angel Ghost Poison it can be quite fun

love for jesus shows. June  From: June Ritchie 28 Jul 2012 (23:28)
Actually have never been a fan of door knocking! maybe put off by the fact that Mormons do it and Jehovahs witnesses. fatal to let folks believe we are just another door to door religion. when I first started poetry evangelism I found that in the market place I could walk up to strangers and simply say. \'Heres a little gift for Christmas/ Easter all done with a smile. Two responses came forth 1/ a very grateful and surprised thank you or 2/ How much are they?
when I explained they were free and why I did it then they would unfreeze and be pleased to receive it. There are many ways of evangelising and the Lord gives everyone the best waY FOR THEM. I particularly love the words;; Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it. I have proved those words many times and I believe the apostles must have too. witnessing in one\'s workplace is a great way to win souls because we are familiar and we have friends there it can be very fruitful in gathering people in. Disciples work in the vineyards as matt. tells us and we can be very fruitful there if we believe God for results.