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VICTORY IN DEFEAT. From: maryann 06 Jul 2012 (16:20)
Samson shows us how to have victory in defeat, when he was walking in God s strength he had supernatural powers......but when he was walking in the flesh, he was just a normal man without God s supernatural power working in him. When we walk in own power, we often get and feel defeated, although we dont always acknowledge it .BUT God has given us supernatural powers through Jesus Christ if we abide in Him , head and not tail...if we put all our trust in HIM.
God did not create us to be a victim of our circumstances , but to be a VICTOR HIGH ABOVE ALL CIRCUMSTANCES!
We cannot be a winner without God s power, we must be enclothed with His power, read Judges 14///how did Samson accomplish his victories.....He ruled over Israel 40 years.....although the devil usually reminds us of all our defeats, and not the victories!!!remember that when you read something bad about other christians! God does not see the negative in you, HE sees the POSITIVE, HE sees all the things you can do through HIM......You are more than a conqueror through HIM who loves you!

In Judges 14>1 / Samson saw a woman he wanted, he was just desperate to get her....she was a Philistine, so his parents disagreed, they should not mix with them.....But Samson was determined to get her......what his parents didnt know though, was that this was of the Lord, it was to teach us something in the future.....WE should be victorious over all negative circumstances...but in life it doesnt always happen like this, why- because its our own doing, by the way we speak!
Say> im not settling for this...eg. sickness, poverty, no job, unhappy, hurt, pride etc......its a life of defeat when we proclaim all these negative things in our mouths ....We have to stop tolerating all these negative things, God wants to change things for us.Dont settle for mediocracy / just getting by.....
Christianity is not supposed to be a life of suffering in the negative things we speak over our lives.....Jesus suffered for all these things on the cross....we suffer for the good.......we are to get strong to help others!

Samsons parents walked towards the vineyards.....What does a vineyard represent in the Bible...it is the blood of Jesus, He wants to bless us with it, into the abundant victorious life in Him. The vineyard repr. God s abundance / God s blessings.John10....The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy, but God wants us to have life in abundance / overflowing, with all goodness, that is what a vineyard represents. Dont settle for life as it is, head on for God s best.Dont settle for where youre at...God has more for you, better, God wants you blessed in every area of your life, His fullness!

Make up your mind not to settle in a mediocerland, make up your mind to go to His vineyard.
Samson walked with his mom and dad to the vineyard...he didnt walk alone, We are not called to walk alone, God wants us to go in the right direction with the right people. we are supposed to come together and not stay alone all the time / we need a church, a body, go in the right direction with the right people / God will show you.
Let go of toxic relationships! have relationships that build you up! not compromising! be plugged in. We have to have one another and fire each other, without being plugged in we will not succeed.
verse 5/ Samson heading for the vineyard and the lion roars at him. 1 Peter 5>8 / the lion repr. satan///when you are moving forward with God and about to eat the best of the land, THEN the devil will be fuious and try to attack you, to see how committed you are..he tries to scare you away when things get tough! Anyone can praise and be alone when things are going fine, but will you continue the walk when a lion roars...Dont turn, that is not where the victory is, stay in the position God has put you in, the victory will come, press on, press through, you will be more than a victor through HIM who carries you!