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FORUM > Listening to God > Job 23 V8-11 Who hasn\'t been there!

Job 23 V8-11 Who hasn\'t been there! From: June Ritchie 01 Jul 2012 (10:25)
Behold, I go forward, but he is not there; and backward, but I cannot perceive him: On the left hand where he doth work, but I cannot behold him: he hideth himself on the right hand, that I cannot see him: BUT HE KNOWETH THE WAY I TAKE: WHEN HE HATH TRIED ME< I SHALL COME FORTH AS GOLD>
My foot hath held his steps, his way have I kept, and not declined. Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips: I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.

Every serving disciple has them the times when a cloud of uncertainty and stress rests to disturb the heart of its peace and tranquility.
Jesus wants to put growth in us and to get it we have to be put into classrooms of fresh learning. The times when His guiding voice seems stilled are not times that any of us like to go through.
But yet they are necessary to stir up fresh faith within. To keep us in the abiding position and to increase trust so that no matter what comes to pass we can still confess that God is good and we are still in His favour. Noone had more cause than Job to doubt it! All his agonisings are recorded to remind us of it,
Yet still in the midst of a multitude of wounded words, statements of faith such as in V8-12 serve to remind us that we are not the first to walk such paths of uncertainty and no doubt we shall not be the last either!.
The holding onto faith and trust in trying times when we hear nothing from heaven are so important. We cannot credit them too highly.
They denote fresh growth and an increased dying to self. How to wait for God? In patience and in faith! we would all learn the truth about that.
Abiding then is holding Christ\'s hand and not letting go when the chips are down and we are in a place of dilemma! It\'s having the \'Job\' kind of faith that KNOWS positively that wherever we find ourselves in trials God is still there with us, for HE KNOWETH THEY WE TAKE AND WHEN HE HATH TRIED US WE SHALL COME FORTH AS GOLD! This then is what its all about.
Namely the burning away of the dross and the removing of the fleshly side of our character. Peter tells us our faith is made more valuable than gold even though it be tried in the fire. Well sometimes, the fire seems over hot and we wonder as Job how will we ever come out the other side?.
Looking for answers we find that God is Supreme! And that means he never loses control. We are still in the palm of His hand and also underneath us are the everlasting arms. Since that be so how can we possibly lose!
Eventually even as Job did we will go on to better things. Meanwhile we wait for them! AMEN> JR.
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Yes indeed \'Who hasn\'t been there?  From: tim Caton 01 Jul 2012 (17:25)
When God seems to have left the building, is no time to fold up your tent and head out into the wilderness alone.
It is even more vital to draw closer to Him, to search for Him, to listen for His voice, to lift your worship and your praise, to rise above your circumstances, to fill yourself with His word.
It will no doubt be a matter of your will over your feelings and your circumstances, just as Paul and Silas in their prison sang hymns and praises to God, and what happened? --\'there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone\'s fetters were unfastened\' Acts 16:26.
For myself, I use poetry as a means of expressing myself.

Hello God

Hello God, You still around then?
I walked through the mountains today
Caught the wonder bug in my teeth again
Talked to you, until I ran out of things to say
Crossed the rivers and the streams with my brown legs
Pulled myself up the crags with my brown arms
My eyes watched the timber become green pegs
And the world turned in my palms

Hello God, You are still here then!
I saw you today as I climbed Your Mountain
Caught your wonder in my heart again
My words were not enough, so you opened your fountain
I drank deeply from the living waters of your streams
There on your mountain top, beneath the eagles wings
The world turned in my palms, and screamed
Your world turns in my heart and sings!

I hope you don\'t find this annoying!!  From: pauline Tait 02 Jul 2012 (08:02)
I haven\'t been there not ever not once never doubted never felt God was distant never wavered but then I am not just in faith I have a gift of faith my experience has been that in the times when everything has gone how do they say pear shaped God has actualy felt closer dearer....It\'s not that the hard side of life has missed me quite the opposite..Lets see car crash chronic illness constant pain erm death separation leading to divorce betrayal rejection son diognosed with a terminal illness poverty debt miscarriage still birth etc whatever

William  From: pauline Tait 04 Jul 2012 (11:26)
I guess my response is how I can help change that patten?

Victorious survival Pauline  From: June Ritchie 19 Jul 2012 (09:38)
From the words of Jesus we are shown our role is to become overcomers. OOH that\'s a tough issue and to me its a JOB one too! Things happen in life that often seem unprecedentally unfair. I see his life as a marvellous example of that and yes I wonder how I would react with all those things just coming upon me suddenly. writing about his life which is told scripturally brings food for thought and has been a discipline as well as a blessing. What is a successful disciple? To me its one that gains victory over all the awful things that come to assail our life and witness. Success is remaining on top continually, but being the overcomer Jesus describes. to me it is climbing the hill carrying the cross and being nailed to it just as He was! Our Saviour saw tragedies and tried to meet them with His great love. Tragedy in anyones life is a saddening thing. Job is our other marvellous example, But the end result of Job\'s life was to be given more than he had in the beginning. So the Lord God turned the tragedy into a glorious victory to make all of Job\'s heartache at the time of trouble would pass away. Did he forget it and the pain of it? Only he and God knows! But he did overcome it all as best he could in a faithful way and God brought him into that glorious position of being an OVERCOMER!. Life is not meant to be easy is it nor a constant success? For the disciple it carries always the touch of the cross. Your\' own example has shown that, but life has to be one of victorious survival for every disciple since we cannot escape the troubles of this world. But with Christ\'s help we can always overcome them all in a victorious manner and that is what seems to me a successful Christian.
To live daily and survive victoriously in spite of the consequences.
My aim and that I\'m sure that of many other disciples until God calls us home. blessings Junex
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