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FORUM > Listening to God > Awoke with a new psalm this morning .

Awoke with a new psalm this morning . From: June Ritchie 30 Jun 2012 (10:19)
And still the words and tune run along in my mind!
If the light midst the darkness is jesus,
When theres joy midst the sorrows of the heart,
There is peace in the presence of my Father,
And protection from each fiery dart,

I feel glory as I\'m basking in Christ\'s love,
And i rest my soul in all the joys above,
I have pleasure as I hold the hand of jesus,
My faith stand will never die as I seek Him,

His Spirit guides me on to hear His whisper,
And all that I now long for is Christ\'s grace,
He will keep me in true fruitfulness and favour,
And I\'ll dwell in all that is the heavenly place.
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psalm  From: pauline Tait 30 Jun 2012 (15:24)
Is this a psalm you wrote? my friend

thanks pauline but no  From: June Ritchie 01 Jul 2012 (19:06)
I was woken up with it listening to the words and tune, so felt after I got up I should share it for it wouldnt go away, but then I got caught upo in a little work so came back today to complete the grace of God allowed me to do that but the tunes had disappeared so it just shows that you should do things completely straightaway or the blessing is affected. Junex