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The Canon(s) of Scripture From: Robert Stevens 23 Jun 2012 (10:34)
Logos Alive met on 22nd June. The fellowship was wonderful. Believers from different churches, but very much part of the one Church. Pam Hampson read a letter from Marion Schofield. Her husband, Don, a founding father of Logos and a theologian, is still in hospital. He is now a very old and physically weak man. Both are much loved and missed. Please pray for them. Robert Stevens spoke on the historical development of the Canons of Scripture and how they differed between the different traditions: Western (Roman Catholic and the different Protestant traditions, including the different outlooks in practice in different Anglican churches); Eastern Orthodox (Greek, Syriac, Ethiopian). Pam Hampson summed it up beautifully by saying that there are essentially 3 categories: (1) Those books which have always been accepted as canonical by all churches (e.g. the 4 Gospels) (2) Those which have been questioned by some churches(e.g. 2 & 3 John) and those that have never been accepted by any mainstream churches(e.g. Gospel of Judas).This was followed by lively discussion which enriched the meeting. A powerpoint was shown. Course notes in WORD format have been prepared, but are being further edited in the light of last night\'s meeting.If anyone wants a copy, please email Robert Stevens at s