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? What is From: pauline Tait 08 Jun 2012 (12:49)
An Apostolic Intercessor?


Apostolic intercession consists of proclamations, declarations and decrees released with the objective to unlock God’s Kingdom purposes on Earth.


Workplace apostolic intercessors shift from petitioning God to standing with the business owner or leader inviting Jesus Christ into the workplace and officially announcing, declaring and decreeing what God has promised He will do for those in the workplace. These commanding actions are released with great faith, knowing that what is spoken will be manifested on Earth. Systematic, powerful, anointed intercession paves the way for those in the workplace.

Results lead to workplace leaders receiving the revelation of Christ’s purposes, plans and strategies, and removing obstacles that hinder advancement in their workplace. In doing so, we believe these strategically placed leaders are empowered to fulfill their destiny resulting in the transformation of society.

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I\'ll sum it up for you!  From: adrian greenslade 09 Jun 2012 (08:55)
It said on the site on the link, \'The 7 mind molders that influence society are business, government, family, religion, education, media and arts & entertainment\'. So, at least some Christians somewhere can understand that Christianity appertains to all aspects of peoples\' lives, church and state. It\'s obviously more than praise and worship sessions, and a prayer in a chapel, and listening to some sermonising.....
Well, my vision from God is to govern my Christian Nation : to oversee the creation and distribution of wealth, to oversee the administration of justice according to the Truth (the Bible, which is the law of my Christian Nation ) and to oversee the raising and maintaining of armed forces (not only to protect my Christian Nation, but to go forth and to conquer when directed by Christ to do so.)
If any other Christian has the guts to even talk the good fight as I do, I should be delighted. I do confess that I find it difficult to pray for the Satan-worshipping murderers who purport to govern me in my Christian Nation, whilst seeking to enslave us Christians into financing their infanticides in abortion clinics with so-called taxes.
Let us be abundantly clear that we, as great and wonderful Christians in our great and wonderful Christian Nation, do not fight for scraps from the table, thrown to us by godless heathen scum who have no business governing because they can\'t even govern themselves. Moreover, the fact is that the table of government and authority and power belongs to us in the first place, with the cross of Christ in the crown on Her Majesty\'s head, Queen by the grace of God. One must be a Christian to govern. Non-Christians need not apply. Her Majesty and her \'governors\' are not Christians, but traitors to the realm and God has rejected them from governing. I still pray that God would save Her Majesty but I do not pray that God will send Her victorious, because He will not. I prophesy the desolation of Scotland and England by the families of the East, pricipally from Arabia, with large numbers from Pakistan.

An interesting title  From: June Ritchie 09 Jun 2012 (11:33)
One that should get quite a lot of views really since different folks will see it differently. One cannot read the Apostolic Acts without knowing the role they play in the world and their country affairs. Special, chosen people who have risen up to a position where they can make a difference in a hostile world of unbelievers and religious hypocrites. Special by their words and by their deeds among society but society is not just the workplace it includes my next door neighbour and the addict that lives down the street! It also includes the issue of the homeless and the state of our hospitals but is able to bring forth a healing touch to the sick as they lie there! When the Apostles met to pray about the opposition they were meeting, they prayed so boldly that the place was shaken as God showed His approval and His power. the Apostle\'s way loves all men, it doesnt slander Govt or the Queen but prays earnestly for them to see the truth snd be changed it! An Apostle does not just pray, but also goes! they don\'t stay quiet but speak out and always what they speak out has to be worth hearing.
God has created many groups of Apostles both in the workplace and in the work among the poor, the sick and the homeless. One of these is the Salvation Army where there is locally a tireless group of workers doing a thankless job because they love God and humanity. Another is the town centre\'s Methodist church which decided to do something real about the homeless and got stuck in with money and with loving service. These are today\'s Apostles! Not always seen to be powerful enough but to be respected as God\'s Apostolic servants. Movements like the BMF for men and the FGB who work among the workers and business men throughout our land. Their object to save men and to change countries. With preaching, service, money and praying power. I can only say thank God for the Apostles in our land who show their love in powerfully practical ways. But who also know how to love and to pray without condemning.These Apostles are the ones i wish I was more like and I seek to get behind them day by day in any way I can. Junex
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thanks  From: pauline Tait 09 Jun 2012 (22:32)
A lot to take in will prayerfully considor every response