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We are the offering From: pauline Tait 08 Jun 2012 (09:54)
If I stood before
Would I ask thee for the strength of ten
knowing there would yet be a task unfinished
And What then?
The strength of Forty
Days then would still be full and yet empty
Where is the answer Lord where is the land
Of plenty
My plate is full
My legs are buckling Hear the cry of my soul
Answer my petition open heaven
Make me whole
I am only one
Even you in all your sufficiency you are three
You have angels ministering to each and every need
What of Me?
Show me Lord
Your power your integrity your truth Your life your way
Then and only then will my heart not falter my pulse not weaken
What would I say?
Stood before you
Longing for your touch your peace without enmity, without malice
Would thee not take me into thy hand and love me hold me
As thy chalice