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FORUM > Listening to God > A man called Job!

A man called Job! From: June Ritchie 07 Jun 2012 (10:23)
Currently working on a book about Job\'s battles and finding it in some ways enlightening and in others food for thought! the reason for that is two weeks ago a lovely friend bought me a new bible called THE MESSAGE. I had been shown his own and admired it so my next surprise was he gave me one as a gift.
For decades I have read, enjoyed and studied the King James version with no desire to change from it. I dont want to turn around from it now either. But have to admit by putting the two versions together I am really getting a much clearer picture despite the fact that they seem so different from one another.
One of the things Ive noticed in the Message version of book of Job is how straight he was when speaking to God about his predicament. It made me thoughtful, since many of us probably never do lose our politeness even when in such desperation as Job was. So what do we really do? Do we keep all our true feelings boiling and simmering inside of us afraid to let them out in case we make the Lord angry. Jim and I have laughed about and commented on the way Job\'s words are put in it. Straight talk indeed! Even whilst we have also wondered why God allowed it all and then blessed Job more than He did in the beginning! But Job was wounded massively in every direction, as well as having his back to the wall whilst facing fair weather friends, (do we all know what they are like I wonder?) He stuck to his guns and put it to God straight with no messing about. Do we agree with that I wonder? he was truly a man of integrity, he refused to hide his feelings but was to let them out finally when the last straw beat him up even more. Can we understand that? How many of us have been there and done the same? I\'d like to know. I am sure there are some of us out there that have had such occasions in our lives. How did we deal with it before God I wonder? Perhaps it would do us all good to share how we met those tragedies and frustrations as servants of God, yet as individuals with minds of our own. On another note; how many of us have borne such fair weather friends and coped with an smile while we seethed inwardly. Come on and lets share it all together, the frustrations of life especially when it seems unfair! blessings Junex
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my response  From: pauline Tait 01 Jul 2012 (08:00)
I would never class the @Message@ as a bible translation it clearly markets itself as a paraphrase I\'m not slamming it quite the opposite @the Message\' makes the word accessible and as you noticed brings enlightenment causes you to see things that are already in the KJV and others that are hidden in the language which isn\'t our language for today. Jesus never did speak in King James english in the early church nor would He today (It is now He speaks to me especialy when I prophecy) to our people today the unchurched unsaved Jesus would speak \'street\' that\'s what the message brings....

I am rarely rude but I am not polite with God...God as my Father loves me unconditionaly I am confident secure in His company I am valued I have no reason to be meek I am His daughter and He is the most wonderful Father who delights to be in MY company imagine that so God and I are intimate which means I can be me I can be excited but most of all real. My dad was amazing we were very close this helps me in my relationship with my heavenly Father. As for Jesus He gave everything for me I would like to think I would give everything for Him so to give Him total honour He must surely have my full attention my fullness of reasoning and nothing in me should be guarded He by His sacrifice gives me access it would be foolish of me to then block myself or inhibit myself with what I call englishness..as for Holy Spirit who is an equal part of the Godhead a person not an it (missed that for years) seeks to comfort me teach me and empower me to fulfil God\'s purpose on earth I can\'t do that by being polite or politicaly correct.

My Mum used to say @If you want a friend be a friend\' I have carried this through my life now then I have had and do have some wonderful and amazing friends and I\'ve been deeply hurt by those I have trusted and loved but I refuse to miss some great friendships by guarding myself against fairweather friends..I can\'t change anyone but me so I choose to move in love kindness friendship and on the whole I am rewarded sometimes I\'m not but God even uses those situations to grow me..

Ha ha I never seethe inwardly oh dear...blushing now with me what you see is what you get..usualy by the grace of God it\'s good stuff xx

Lovely William  From: pauline Tait 01 Jul 2012 (08:07)
I think we have a differing experience in God I am most often at ease most usualy content always at peace inspite of and maybe becasue of the shall we say interesting things I have journeyed through ut then 5 months into my Christian work I was blessed with a gift of faith so I expect it\'s a bit like cheating

take care my friend keep writing truth we live our lives before an audience of one don\'t me if He is appluding no matter what the world or even the church is doing.

Williams poem  From: Fiona Antoni 02 Jul 2012 (14:08)
Would love to hear the full poem if you dont mind- sounds good

Job\'s troubles  From: June Ritchie 03 Jul 2012 (11:00)
Thanks Tim what you said is good and the picture is that sometimes God hides himself but is actually still there as Treflyn says its a case of letting go but yes that can be tough if surrounded by false friends and being in an agony of griefshows anything still Job\'s faith shines through and he still inisists in talking straight to God doesnt fade away or decide He is not listening.
I like that the wounds of this man\'s heart were real and deep. But he didnt cut God off though his life seemed empty and horrid as well as uncurable?
I cannot walk out of my back door without seeing evidence of God all around me even strangers admire and are struck by what they see. I serve a God of creation and to think He has literally lifted me and put me in the midst of it blows my mind because i couldnt pay for what He has given me but no after 48 yrs of marriage i am no stranger to trouble or trial. I have learnt how very greatly He alone can comfort, I have learnt not to have to rely on friends or family for it. In the stormiest sky there always appears a rainbow but sometimes one must wait for it! We are all different in character and so react differently to situations Pauline; After 41 years of jesus I have learnt to lean on Him as close as I possibly can without letting up. I have learnt to trust Him when taking a walk in the dark. I hate the long dark tunnels that \\I sometimes travel while looking for the daylight at the end of it but in my life He feels they are necessary then okay Lord I am still your woman! Nothing will change that. No heartache takes that loving trust away. No wound takes away my attitude of worship in the early hours of the day. In darkness and in light He is mine and I am His. in struggles I look up in praises I look up because to my mind there is no other direction to look in for solutions or deliverance from troubles. He is a God who answers prayers and now on Tuesday 2/7/12 He is the one who makes a growing cataract disappear without either a shout or surgery. But just doing it quietly without a fanfare! even the specialist was shocked but me I am happy for my eyes are His to use as a writer. No sadly I am not perfect and I have my struggles but the thing is God doesnt change he still loves me and does things His way!!Alleluia God is still good and reigns supreme I feel after trusting for two weeks the daylight has now begun to appear at the end of the tunn el so I am grateful for that. Junex

thanks William for that.  From: June Ritchie 03 Jul 2012 (11:24)
And yes how about sharing the rest of what seems a lovely poem from the throne.
It is so good to get feedback on a sunject like this I am happy about it so feel free to keep sawing at the log which is Jobs battles.
The book will be in two volumes because of length etc but can honestly say that it has been a great discipline to write about rather than an out and out pleasure in every way. probably because I have been going through a similar set of unsolvable situations and griefs. But even that fact gives me comfort and an added faith to know saints that are gone on have done their share of sufferings and how they have reacted is a clear blueprint on life today.
One has to have FAITH to live out life the way Jesus wants us to. But faith is not always a gift thats pushed wholly into our laps for every single part of life. If it was like that God wouldn\'t need to say he is my comfort or my strength or my rock and my fortress. We have know what its like to be assailed from all directions. The old England looked down from the ramparts of their fortresses onto the enemy below knowing they were safe as long as the invading enemy didnt get in. Yes I guess thats me too I fit that picture far more than feeling UNTOUCHABLE? My own faith has been polished and polished and polished but still needs to yet shine even more brightly. I admit that but I also know that there is nothing in this world can make me doubt God\'s power or take away Jesu\'s love for me. I believe my bible implicitly and put any questioning issues aside to learn when I get to heaven. heaven will be so interesting don\'t you think. For instance how can jesus possibly enter into a CT scan and put a woman on a lovely chestnut horse who has never ridden one! and by His wonderful grace allow her to name the horse Achilles? and to know that horse will be mine when I get to heaven and I\'ve already had the joy of riding him.
On the day of the Grand national I searched the horses running for a glimpse of my horse and found a couple that gave me great joy. Well if thats the gift of faith then i suppose it lies in me for that occasion but for the most part my faith has grown daily over the years in each request answered and every trial endured. So give us the poem to admire William. June