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David Wilkerson\'s book From: June Ritchie 31 May 2012 (19:27)
Called, \' Have you thought about giving up lately\'.
Is my current read and getting much food for thought about it. But am finding that it is also giving me some insight on the wounds of Job so that my own book is being freshly inspired. When I go to the college salon each week a teacher there who loves books has regularly shown much interest in what I am reading. so that now for the last two months I have been passing my Christian books on to her to read when the college is on holiday. I wonder sometimes if we realise that a book being read in a public place has power to interest those about us.
For two weeks now I have been able to share gems of the gospel with this lady because of the above book Im reading. So its proving a double blessing.
It has made me realise there\'s a lot of wounded people out there walking among us and somewhere on on our bookshelf we may have fresh courage and comfort for them. But only if we dare to offer it.

Book share  From: pauline Tait 01 Jun 2012 (09:03)
I agree everytime I go in hospital I take my bible it\'s a conversation starter each varied from.....\"are you reading a dirty book\" (sigh) response \"well there is a lot of begatting in it\" poor nurse was embarressed when she saw what I was reading to...\"are you one of those born agains I want to be a born again\"

That said now I don\'t read much anymore and I have only been in hospital twice in the last 2 years which is 45 times les than the 2 years previous

there are places to try all over.  From: June Ritchie 02 Jun 2012 (09:15)
on working in the South I would travel by train to London armed with my bible, book and study pad. sitting in tabled areas this was a great way to get folks curious or talkative, I really feel buses and trains have their uses in this .Parks on a sunny day? a bench in the local market area.
People are curious especially if readers themselves. we need to be more open to this. when I visit hospital I am armed with my evangelistic poetry books and I leave some scattered whichever dept I am in. my Drs surgery is not immune either. its a matter of take your chances to get results. Blessings Pauline xx

Leaflet drops  From: pauline Tait 03 Jun 2012 (08:16)
I used to be a bit naughty at the hospital I operated a divine exchange policy I would exchange and replace all JW literature with tracts and then file under bin. I would slip Christian magazine\'s in to the surgery little by little I say.

Have you read \'Captivating\' a must read for every woman companion book for men Wild at heart@ the in book at the moment is \'The Shack@ personaly didn\'t enjoy it I have read most of Frank Perretti\'s books unless there was one after the Visitation.