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FORUM > Listening to God > Backs to the wall?

Backs to the wall? From: June Ritchie 03 May 2012 (08:37)
It\'s a saying but what a great meaning it has for people who love God.
New difficulties began in April whilst we were away and God lovingly helped us to get through those but now the fight is on health. For over a week now I have battled with hospital visits, and finances that wont work well. Neither of these go down well when you feel youve little energy for fighting.
spent the last two nights on Psalm 18 speaking out to myself verse after verse of it. David was a grand guy and certainly he knew what it was to have one\'s back to the wall, it is revealed so well in that Psalm and yet his faith comes shining through for he experienced the Lord of the Breakthrough again and again! So he wrote about it. And the writing he left behind gives comfort and fresh faith to folks like me when the waters rise rather high.
I often confess to myself the names he calls the Lord in that Psalm when in prayer and have done so for years. He is my Rock, my Fortress, what can we accomplish when we have jesus to call on in trouble? Absolutely everything.
Like David I wait for my help and my deliverance but it\'s a great joy to know He is faithful and has not forgotten me. \'My times are in His hands\' so I can stand and wait till the moment of rejoicing comes. It\'s true power to quote this Psalm and to take it literally! theres nothing like it for giving courage and strengthening faith. And where would we be without the supporting prayers of one another? In a very tough place. If you need fresh encouragement this morning try out Psalm 18 again and let it give your soul a new uplift.
Blessings everyone. June R.
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Backs to the wall  From: pauline Tait 03 May 2012 (16:56)
Praying for you treasure....have you called the elders to annoint you with oil it\'s something that has really been on my mind today it must say it for a purpose right.....I have been healed with oil without oil thru elders and thru others praying or just by a touch from the Lord Himself it\'s not a formula is it...if only there was step 1 2 and 3 then total healing that would be so great....I have been reminded that I once sought an annointing like John G Lake had I quite like the idea of emptying hospitals 1 by 1 .....much love P

cheers Pauline  From: June Ritchie 02 May 2013 (11:20)
just glancing through ya know and found this old comment! But recently had heard a whisper about John G Lake and on expressing interest in his story
I was kindly offered the book on his life which I was eager to read.
Of course i got stuck into it. But well all i found in what I read was a sort of accent on healing that was heavily expressed page after page as his life unfolded. Now I realise healing is important in its way to many of us to suffer is not seen as good. And Have been blessed with healings as a couple so we know the joy of it. But for me this is how I am. My whole walk with Jesus as Saviour and Lord is a much heftier subject in my life! Since I tend to look at the Christian life from all angles and never major on any one subject.
I often see the need for inward changes as well and these I look at far more often, than will I or wont I get healed ?. Compared to that the whole issue of my healing tends to take a back seat, for i just want to go to the Lord in a righteous way and know that all that I can do, I have done in my life. There we have it I am afraid, for to me nothing else matters as much as that.
Touching lives and making a difference in any way I can through Christ. thats my ultimate goal and that leaves any healing i need far down the ladder of musts now. I hope you understand my view for it is just mine so whoever wants to can tear me off a strip OOH! junex

June My Love  From: pauline Tait 02 May 2013 (18:32)
Thankfully it\'s not an either or we can have everything. God clearly told me to have weight loss surgery it took a year to get the operation and it was ne of the reasons why Eddie left but on the 5th day after the pain from the surgery was gone there was no other pain in my body. I had had prayer so many times I was easily prayer soaked and prayer covered but the Lord will work the way He chooses. I am thankful to be well and improving all the time. I am 70+ pounds lighter and my dear husband has returned. Presently I am in great bl4essing. We don\'t think alike but does it matter we agree that Jesus is Lord and we are both committed to serve Him this makes us family yes??

Thanks for that Pauline  From: June Ritchie 12 May 2013 (00:31)
It does encourage me when folks send in a comment or reply to what I put in.
and to set the story straight after a few nights I took a deeper look at the John G. Lake book and got past the healing issues to find some excellent work on the whole picture of the soul and it\'s need for wholeness. So now I am [ploughing through all that the man has said about the Lord and even reading every word out to myself to take special effort to take the spiritual gems in.
Weight eh yes thats a problem with me at present and do put it often before God for help lots of reasons why it is an ongoing issue and want to see them all conquered really. Would just love to go jogging and when I think i used to run for buses in the early millenium its frustrating. I\'m so glad the Lord is being good to you and yours its a season thing sometimes hot ones and cold ones and warm ones but underlying all of them is Gods great mercy.
Jim had his appt at Manchester heart hosital yesterday and by the end of june its likely to be a by pass situation they say. Having said that I am amazed for he looks well and carries on just as though all is perfectly normal so the grace of God is heavily with him. Gods healing power and Jims faith in it are old friends and I admit it am not over concerned as yet over what must go on.
though travelling to visit him in Manchester will be difficult for me without a car or a family. well have been there before and God has always met us in some way. So trust is the name of the game once more! this all may seem mixed up but in the midst of it all i want to say that I look for victory in it all as I visit the throneroom of God and talk to my Father. He does not turn me away.
But always makes a way out that I may bear it with praise. Junex

Jim\'s Hospital stay  From: pauline Tait 12 May 2013 (23:14)
June ask if there is provision for you to stay at or nr the hospital while Jim is in there is provision for family members at Broad Green

my reply to query  From: June Ritchie 13 May 2013 (21:58)
The hospital is Wythenshawe and havent really heard of such things for adults only for parents over children. but thanks anyway. junex