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Kingdom authority! From: maryann 23 Apr 2012 (20:12)
Luke 7:1-9 The centurian - under authority......who are you under authority of....the one s you are under authority of has influence on you. As born again christians we are given authority. In verse 9 Luke...Jesus marveled at the centurians faith.
Satan does all he can to blind people to God s truth. God did not create us to live a defeated life. as believers we are to have victory over sin...God gave Adam & Eve dominion over everything in Eden, but they lost their dominion because of rebellion to God s orders, they then became slaves to satan, i.e. slaves to sin...therefore we are all born into sin...BUT JESUS , the 2nd Adam came and set us free by His blood on the cross! \"The truth will set you free\" ...but we have to know The Word (Jesus is The Word) ...and if we continue in the Word it will truly set us free (Rom.5:17)
The centurian also had generals over him, because he was under authority...and he was in authority of those under him .....To understand Kingdom authority; activity = official legal right to act!
Source of Kingdom authority; authority comes from above (over you) You have to have someone to \"back up\" the authority you have. e.g. a policeman can come and say \"open the door, in the name of the law\"! policedepartment - state dep. national dep. all backed up by incredible authority.
we are under kingdom authority from God , 1 John 4:17: As He is, so are we, in this world. He died for you, you die for HIM, you identify with Him in His ressurection, therefore i have ressurection life, therefore Jesus victory is my victory, therefore we sing VICTORY IN JESUS!
JESUS has victory over all demons! If demons are subject to Jesus, they are also subject to you and me, but only through Jesus! Because of Jesus victory , i have victory through Him.
DONT think of the church as a \"bussiness\"place, its a BODY, spiritual body....Jesus gives us authority over all evil, 1 Peter 3:22 The source of kingdom authority flows from above, Luke 7:8
NB! you cannot have authority until you are under authority! = obedience.....Satan got to 1st adam because of disobediance.
We all have this in us, that we dont want anybody to have authority over us, we are rebels, but we must be willing to be under JESUS authority , make HIM LORD of our lives! (strength through authority- Adtrian Rogers)