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FORUM > Listening to God > God does answer prayers!

God does answer prayers! From: maryann 23 Apr 2012 (19:45)
We all know that GOD does answer prayers....although it seems to take a long time, sometimes, but then again, suddenly, you can be taken by suprise...whats least on your mind, can be the one prayer HE suddenly does answer.......and in a different way you expect.HE is full of suprises, and everything is for a reason .....when we walk with HIM!
Ive lived here in La Cala for 2 yrs. now, going on my 3rd this year. Im renting a small flat from a lovely young spanish woman, 42 yrs. old, she is so nice.....lives in Madrid and works all over the country. She s very happy to have me as a tenant and wants to keep me.....She is not christian, born again, is catholic....I include her in my daily prayers every day. What a suprise i got this morning....i woke up early, too early, and by 9 i was so tired i had to go back to bed....fell asleep, suddenly half hour later i woke up as a loud ringing was on my door....unusual....It was the owner of my flat, Eloisa....she was on her way to another town and wanted to say Hi and have a coffee with me downstairs....i hurried up, and went downstairs.....we chatted about the flat , glass windows being put in on the veranda etc...Suddenly SHE started talking about GOD! and wondered if it was wrong praying to Mary!!! i was so suprised and of course i got a chance to tell her abt. Jesus. ) SHE was SO interested! i was amazed! Before she left i gave her a spanish New Testement, which she was very happy to receive! Isnt God amazing! HE does answer prayers and obviously HE has sent people (angels) in her life to talk to her.......wonderful...im expecting to receive the good news soon, that she has accepted JESUS into her heart. PRAY for Eloisa now, for her salvation! thank you Lord Jesus that You will reveal yourself to Eloisa through Your Holy Spirit!

not mary!  From: shereen A Leech 25 Apr 2012 (11:00)
Allilujah !!!!!!!!!!!

I KNOW God answers prayers and someone ( non beliver) keeps tellin me He doesnt; I just give them that KNOWING smile and pray for them and ask god to bless them.
Thats supposed to be the best thing you can do for anyone : BLESS THEM

God Bless You Sister

Shereen x