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REVELATION - THE BOOK OF REVELATION From: maryann 18 Apr 2012 (11:19)
The book of revelation has been neglected by many teachers....theyve had many excuses ...saying its too difficult to understand....maybe the biggest problem has been with themselves, that they have undermined it and been too lazy to really study it and ask God to give them revelation!
The Book of revelation is just as important as all the other books, so its obvious that God wants us to understand it - He wants us to be aware of what is coming, how to go about it, its a unique book - telling about Jesus, our passover Lamb - His sovereignity - His kingdom authority - about the different stages of \"church life\"(through the ages) / the body of christ....tribulation time - the millinium time- heaven - hades - the saints in heaven - the 7 bowls of judgement on the earth (God s wrath) (not satan - he is only on God s leash - and can only do what God allows, because of mankinds disobedience) The consequences of sin - hades - eternal fire 2nd death-
Revelation has got the whole Gospel message-----It tells all about mankinds future !!! and that future is very near - are nt we interested in it!!?

And yet, when things happen in the world today - we stagger and wonder why??? and whats next? and yet God s Word says that things are not gonna get better on earth, they are getting worse - the only future with HOPE is in HIM, He s got the whole world in His hands!
But we people , and alas christians, dont tell what we believe in- we keep on pressing/forcing everything into our own pattern - we follow the worlds pattern - do we really believe or is it just religion!!???
Look at Norway, the incident with the mass muderer, anders breivik, which is \"talk of the show\" these days....- terrible, coldblooded psycopath? what went wrong with him, why, the reasons? God made him as well, and deep down there must be something human.....God knows....BUT maybe God is trying to show us something (HE turns the bad to good if we are willing to listen) this is just a minor incident in comparison to what will happen) the antichrist is coming and he s gonna kill everybody thats on earth in the tribulation time (last 3 yrs)those who dont want to take his mark , 666! he s gonna chop there heads off......if they dont bow down to him.....THIS IS REALITY - ITS GONNA HAPPEN AND ITS VERY NEAR ! DO WE BUILD OUR FAITH UPON WHAT GOD SAYS IN HIS WORD OR DO WE FOLLOW THE PATTERN OF THIS WORLD? ITS TIME WE WOKE UP AND KNOW WHERE WE STAND AND PROCLAIM WHAT IS COMING - THE DOOR IS STILL OPEN - SOULS CAN BE SAVED NOW, BEFORE WE LEAVE - THIS WORLD HAS NO FUTURE APART FROM JESUS CHRIST ! GOD IS SAYING TO US NOW : hey, christians, my children, dont you have a message - dont you know whats coming - dont you warn people about it - its now time to shout out \"wake up, put on your armour to fight against the evil spirit of darkness, you are more than a conqueror through ME! I M COMING VERY SOON! DONT YOU BELIEVE MY WORD - ARE NT YOU STUDYING IT - DONT YOU SPEND TIME WITH ME SO MY HOLY SPIRIT CAN SPEAK TO YOU - WAKE UP ! know the time, this world is coming to its end,its fashion and its ways - only what My Word says will stand! Wake up my people, be realistic! The only future you have is in ME! believe it! preach it! live it!