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FORUM > Listening to God > athiests!!!

athiests!!! From: maryann 17 Apr 2012 (08:56)
Some athiests were at a meeting in the community, they were \"fed up\" with all the christians and their holiday celebrations, they complained because they themselves didnt have any days to really celebrate what they believed.(?) The leader thought for a second, and then he said; hang on, there is a solution for you guys, You can celebrate the 1st of April as your day!!! (proverbs 1:7:\"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, BUT FOOLS despise wisdom and instruction\"!

Athiests  From: pauline Tait 17 Apr 2012 (11:02)
How wonderful is our God that in His Grace and mercy those who rejected Him who deny Him decry Him for these He also died I was listening to Michael Youseff yesterday on \'The Unforgiveable Sin\' and I finaly understand what it is....If a man dies without a Saviour he is beyond redemption and damned for all eternity...I might mention that the next time someone tells me they aren\'t called to evangelise....I am not an evangelist but I have been blessed and privilaged to lead many many to Salvation we are all called to witness. I have found that if you are open to share the faith God creates the oppourtunity. You would never find me knocking door to door or standing on the street corner but God uses me in other ways and differing circumstances. I was blessed to have parents who raised me to believe in God increasingly this doesn\'t happen and I think we all have sad memories of people we know who have been hurt by \'the church\' then these hurting people blame Heavenly Father all we can do is make sure we aren\'t the ones doing the hurting