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about prophecy in Church.......seems to be a lot of "confus From: maryann 09 Aug 2009 (12:00)
about prophecy in Church.......seems to be a lot of "confusion" about this subject , sometimes.....I guess it often happens in Churches that are not "used to" this gift...either its very seldom used , not something understood as ¨"normal" or not used at all.
I have the impression (also experience) that many English churches dont use the gift, but there has been an eagerness to apply it after the charismatic movements through the recent years. In many penticostal or free evangelical churches in Norway, prophecy is something that is often used, also speaking in tongues as prophecy, then with an interpretation.
In my ex.home church in Kr.sand S. Norway, the pastor or sometimes others could come with a prophecy just about every week. Its normal that a pastor gets a prophecy (if he has the gift) for his church, after all he is the shepherd, and it should be natural that God speaks to him in this way, telling him advice passed on to the members (sheep) all based on HIS WORD! Otherwise a prophecy or prophecy in tongues will come after the meeting when the pastor or preacher has finished with his message......the prophecy will then be based on the contents of what was said in the message to the church.....this happens when God wants to underline something very important being said, and that it will really touch our very souls (we so often forget) when you get a "SMS" from God after a sermon, you ask God when to come with it and for signs, like, please God tell me when to come with it, it often happens just after the sermon or the prayer after the sermon(God will tell you be sure, remember its not your message its from God) its also very wise to go to the leader in the service and tell them you have a message and ask if you can come with it (in Biblical order) the preacher or pastor will then have time to ask the congregation to listen and if anybody gets the interpretation, to come with it, i.e. if the message is not interpreted by the one coming with the SMS itself. The message or prophecies given will always have a connection with what has been said in church (in the sermon) or special issues the Church is working on. When a person comes in a church and prophecies about something that has nothing to do with whatever the sermon was about, and you dont know the person, you can be almost sure its not from the LORD. God wants us to have order!! so if someone comes in the church and suddenly stands up and babbles for many minutes about this and that and saying "thus sayeth the Lord etc.....quoting scriptures etc, and its got nothing to do with the message, you can be sure its not the Lord...... often you cant even hear what these people are saying, cause they quote so fast and go on and on about something you hardly understand..... do you think OUR GOD would speak to us in this unorderly way ??? = NO!!! also, if someone comes with a sms or prophecy and hasnt paid any attention to what the sermon was about or has been occupied with other things during the service, the prophecy will most probably not be from God. (wisdom )
So to end this subject, prophecy is for edification to the church, prophecy in tongues is to underline the message given when God wants to remind us specially about something!!!

The gift is from God, and if false prophecies or tongues come, the elders or people in charge, should be able to recognize it "by the spirit you will recognize".......and people who are really gifted in this will also recognize false prphecies....thats why its important to have "order" in church about these things.........and most of all...TO KNOW GOD! BUT ITS WONDERFUL GIFTS AND SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE FLOWING, CAUSE IT WITNESSESS ABOUT A LIVING CHURCH MOVING FORWARD , LISTENING TO GOD AND EAGER TO MOVE ON.........lets pray for more of these gifts, nothing to be afraid of, just need order, wisdom and knowledge!

PS! HOPE this is explained ok !!!