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listening to GOD! From: maryann 12 Apr 2012 (21:17)
Have had some thought these last days...will try and write a little about it.....starts with a kind of poem, just to give an idea what its about, im sure there are some of you who have had the same experiences through life s journey....and we re not finished yet.............

So sorry!

Sometimes i feel so sorry for people who cant forgive!
They can try to forgive by doing good deeds, thinking its \"seeds\"
making them look good, as they think they should.
They know they have to forgive
But they have problems , saying the WORDS,
please forgive me for saying those awful things to you, i want to start a new!
Father forgive me, ive acted bad, and im so sad,
Help me to say sorry to those ive hurt and stop shoving around all this dirt!

Well that gives an idea of the subject.....people who cant say \"im sorry\" when they really have been evil.....i.e. when theyve said bad things to you without any cause or someone has triggered them to do it...of cause we know, as christians that these people can be obsessed by evil spirits, they can also be people who are dominating, controlling, manipulative, cause once in a while these people just have to get their aggresion out on someone! (i know this cause i was married to someone like that, but he was not a christian, a good guy, but he had this evil spirit in him sometimes that just had to push me down) i survived!!! and im still praying for him.
But when you experience these people in \"church\" it can be real bad and difficult if the right people are nt there, discerning this.......
BUT i have learnt in life that there are diffr. categories of people...those who always forgive and even forgive on behalf of others, thinking that its always their fault (humbleness, but can lead to undiscerning humbleness) And then you have those who ask for forgiveness , straightforwardness, being direct, cause they want peace and if they feel theyve offended they go the extra mile to be sure, I think this is the right attitude we should have...even if we have to humble ourselves........
and then you have those who just cant ever say \"forgive me\" ...when theyve been evil, they find all kinds of faults with everyone else but not themselves....and they can really be dangerous and cause lots of problems and they often charm the people in church so much that few see the other side of them....i wont mention what they are called....many have had experiences with them......but then, suddenly, they can turn their charm on to you again...for some reason or other.....it can also be GOD working in them, and they start doing all kinds of good things to you...in your heart you know its their way of showing \"hey, im sorry, please forgive\"! and thats really good, it touches my heart and youre blessed and they are blessed? BUT, i still feel sorry for these people, because i really do think Jesus wants us to say \"IM SORRY\" in WORDS! if WORDS are nt used, a similar situation can often happen again in the future, maybe not with you, but someone else, cause if we dont confess to each other, healing doesnt take place like it should, there can always be some bitter roots left there.
Ive had an experience with a person like this a long time ago (not english) evil words were said by this person for no reason at all, the devil was really in him....it was so bad, i think most people would have run away and never put their foot into a church again.....which was in my thoughts, but God was there, suddenly HE lifted me up and gave me such strength not to run away...HE gave a small experience of what HE went through when HE was accused and had to go to the cross for us all............this guy who had said such bad things, became friendly again , he was nice , smiled and shook my hand every time i went to church, it was his way of saying \"forgive\" and for me it was ok, although i felt sorry for him...... 1 year later he got very ill, cancer etc......heartattack .....by God s mercy, he is still alive, i do wish and pray that he can learn to say \"im sorry\" in Words to the people involved, maybe there s more than me he has said bad things to...and i really think that WORDS, saying \"im sorry\" could heal him! JESUS TELLS US TO FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER AND CONFESS OUR SINS!
would be good with feedback on this one!

it takes all sorts  From: David Dawson 17 Apr 2012 (14:18)
yes, interesting and valuable imput.