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FORUM > Listening to God > The better way to celebrate Easter.

The better way to celebrate Easter. From: June Ritchie 07 Apr 2012 (23:55)
The name of Jesus is so high,
In earth and sea and sky,
It echoes thru\' the barren lands,
This world is held in God\'s great hands,

The name of Jesus cannot fail,
In every battle will prevail,
By Him the weak become so strong,
And every stranger can belong,

The name of Jesus is so good,
He shows us we are understood,
he lightens every darkened place,
And freedom comes by outpoured grace,

The name of jesus ours to gain,
To be made clean from all sin\'s stain,
The name of jesus shines afar,
He is the precious Morning Star,

Jesu\'s name will never sleep
And from all evil He will keep,
His flock by faith can stand secure,
Christ\'s great power will still endure.

by June Ritchie