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FORUM > Listening to God > A NEW DAY HAS BEGUN........

A NEW DAY HAS BEGUN........ From: maryann 03 Apr 2012 (21:49)
(found this poem, wrote it in 007!)

A new day has begun
Try not to run....too fast!
Take it with ease,
Listen to God s voice.
HE has the keys
to open the doors
that you might think are closed
But thats often when HE
opens them most!

Its not always easy
to follow His way
But disobeying, that will make us stray!
So its better to listen to HIS voice
And not follow our own choice!

Maybe you think your life is a waste
And that its a bit too late
to let things happen anew
and be part of \"His crew\"
Cheer up my friend
no matter what comes in your way
There will never be a day
When HE isnt there and wont care!

His eye is on you all the time
No matter what youve done
He s there for you now!
Just stretch out your hand and receive
the blessings HE has for you right now
Bow your head and thank HIM for this day
and let HIM have all the praise!