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Theology Versus God From: June Ritchie 03 Apr 2012 (11:30)
I really dont like that word theology simply because I have seen it change joyful born again Christians to quiet/ morose people who have shut themselves away from what they once were and put aside what God\'s power once gave them.
Theology as I see it puts every minute part of the Christian faith under a microscope and examines all to the point where so much of what Jesus himself taught is lost and sadly it can mean for ever. Since they never seem to want to turn back to all that matters, namely what Jesus saYS ABOUT THINGS.
just what is needed in order to live for Jesus? To obey Him in all things?
To serve Him in all things and allow His Spirit to show us the truth in Gods written word? We feed on what we think is right, but if the food doesn\'t help or sustain our joy and our peace we become critical of others and our words cease to feed others.
Yet we are entitled to peace and prosperity in a hard, cold world. Sadly!
The peace is too often lost and the prosperity only happens if our souls prosper. Life is often a struggle but are we meant to speak as if we are doomed to eternal poverty? No! please dont let us do that. we are simply meant to praise Him in all things good and bad.
we are meant to personally stick to what we know does us good spiritually and leave dogmatic issues and personal criticisms alone as we try to love our neighbour as ourselves. I wish to tear no one down from the world famed perch they climb to even though it may seem undeserved and not right for them or us. But I do want to keep looking up as myself and praying that our Lord will come to set us free from all this endless, worldly mess about us.
But the question of the Pre rapture is one I will not join in \'OF THIS HOUR NONE KNOWS only our Father\' Jesus said it. I therefore leave it in His hands. To do as He will. As long as I am found serving (not just talking) its okay by me when it is. The love of Jesus is meant to constrain me to do what is right, and as Paul says, /LIVE peaceably with all men./ I so much want to do that, but in a messed up world it can be hard! My chief aim is to be a blessing and if I cannot be that, I would want the founder of this site to tell me to get off it, rather than continue in wrongful speaking in any way.
This is my heart and \'Jesus only\' is my doctrine. I wish to offend no one now or ever. so Treflyn please dont let me do so. I want to bless. Love to all JUNEX

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