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I have thinking about prophecies, and words from the Lord sp From: derek leslie 08 Aug 2009 (12:00)
I have thinking about prophecies, and words from the Lord spoken in church etc. Because some people have told me, that they could not understand, why some were conflicting with each other, or don't come to pass. This can cause people to be upset. And not knowing what to make of it. It can even lead people to making a wrong decision. So I wrote this to help any Christians having such a problem.
The answer could be quite simple, from my little experience, not all prophetic messages are from God, they are from the overflow of the human heart.From peoples own thoughts, not from the Lord. I am not going into where, but one very good church I know. Had two people, who was respected as having The prophetic gift. But one stood up, who was into a name it claim it theology, and declared that the church should except it. But the second prophet stood up and said no, the church should not, and there was a war of words, both claiming to be from the Lord. So what do the people in the church,do.? Thankfully, they accepted the no view. The answer is found in the bible, St Paul tells us to evaluate what is said in prophecy, and let the elders and the church
Pray about it. And use discernment. To see if it is from the Lord. Unfortunately today in many churches as soon as a person gives a prophetic word. The people accept it as a fact. And do not question it at all. This is not what St Paul tells us to do.we should not reject prophecy, but we should do as the bible tells us to, then we wont be led astray. We are are all human, most Christians say they hear the Lord telling them something, and we do hear the Lord, but the same principals apply, we must pray about it before we say its from the Lord. From books I have read, and interviewing many of my Christian friends and myself.
The small still voice of the the Lord come as a thought in our heads. Its the Holy Spirit speaking to our spirits, and it comes as our own voice thoughts etc.
But if we are honest, and some very spirit filled Christians I know, admit we have to be careful, because our own thoughts, also the devil,can come the same way. And it takes years of spiritual training with waking with the Lord in been able to recognize the difference. Many of them that are used by the Lord admit to me the same question, how do we identify which is from which.? I know its a big subject, but the bottom line is we must be careful of people saying thus says the Lord. The early church must have had the same problems, or St Paul would not have put in that warning to try and test everything. Also remember that in the bible if any one says this is the word of the lord, and it does not come to pass, that prophet should be put to death. As a false prophet. So we should be very careful before we speak thus says the Lord. And we should do what St PAUL tells us to.because it can sometimes be from the vain imagination of our hearts. I don't reject prophetic words, but I do weigh it up what is said, and pray about about it. And wait and see. Before jumping in and accepting it straight away. There has been so many prophecies spoken, that have not been correct.so we should be very careful. It is very important that we do as the bible says, it also says in the last days people
Will gather around teachers that say, and teach things that there ears are wanting to hear, not the truth. So we must test even bible teachers, as well as prophecies to see if what they teach is correct, with what the bible teachers us. It says many a false teacher will come, some in it just for the money. All these things happened then ,and they are happening now.
I know that these are not the words people want to hear. But they are what the bible says we should do. So we are not led wrongly, sometimes the truth hurts.

The Church I was attending 4 years ago received a prophetic word from a lady that it should move to another part of the town. Away from the area it was settled in. At the same time, it was reported that another Church had also received a word from God to move into the same building our church had been told to move into.
This was very confusing and did not rest easy with me or some of the other members.

I was at a friends house (a family who attended the church) and God spoke to me and said \"stay here\". It was amazing, God had spoken to me. I told the leadership I would not be moving with them. To cut a long story short the Church moved and I approached a family (who had also decided they were not moving with the Church) if my wife and I could come to their home for a Bible Study on a Sunday evening. Our Sunday evening Bible Studies became a regular event and after about 4 or 5 weeks we decided to take things further.

This was the start of our new Church. We ended up moving into the same community centre where our Church used to be. Nearly 3 years on and we are still there. The other Church which moved away has now moved back into the area.
I\'m glad that God spoke to me and that I heard him, I forgot to mention, I was in the toilet when God spoke to me.

I thank our brother Keith Evans for suggesting this new feature LISTENING TO GOD.
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A prophetic mantle  From: June Ritchie 05 May 2011 (11:35)
wearing the prophetic mantle is tough Derek I found it out early in my walk but learned to persist and to love in spite of critical folks and persecutions.
One thing I do know is that true prophecy is the enemy of satan and if he can silence or quench it he will do that. Experience has shown me that.
Even mature disciples can attack you on it (another story) so yes it is walk carefully! One thing I know is if the inner man is well developed in us we will know when we are speaking in the Spirit or not. Also prophecy should be in line with scriptural issues and therefore anyone who wants to move in prophecy should / indeed must! make sure they have a very firm hold on the written word of God so that Spirit words come out and not fleshly language. That\'s how you can tell the difference. The gift of prophecy is not for attention lovers but for loyal disciples, if one listens carefully we can so easily tell the difference between the two. The gift of discernment helps us there.
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treflyn\'s comment  From: June Ritchie 05 May 2011 (11:48)
WOW that was some event and can see how greatly God taught to discern the truth of prophecy. However! In 1979 in a little Ayr church my hubby gave out a word of knoweldge and told the pastor that he was going to move on and become an evangelist using the text Enlarge your\' tents. The pastor immediatly challenged it loudly in an offending manner and we were most uncomfortable Two days later the same pastor was at our home to apologise and confess that it had in fact been from God re his moving on he asked forgiveness and they embraced as brothers in Christ. After an hour of fellowship Bill asked to pray for Jim who had an incurable problem he wept as he prayed and Jim was instantly healed.
We went back to visit him many times and were sad when the Lord took him home for we had become great friends. Sometimes one has to take the risk ands speak out. The result can be well worth it!
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