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RECEIVED FROM MEMBER NIGEL BROOK Hi Tref, Could you p From: TREFLYN JONES 29 Feb 2008 (12:00)

Hi Tref,

Could you put this report on 18th Feb. meeting at The Foundry in the
correct place in Task Jesus please. My PC is acting up at the moment.

1st up. Dennis Wrigley - he is heading up a co-ordinated effort to waken the nation up to the bad legislation which has been coming on in last few years. (He runs www.MaranathaCommunity.org )

2nd up. Lord Alton of Liverpool. Anglican in House of Lords. Told us that The Lords are letting through legislation which would allow animal/human hybrid experimantation. Told of dangers in this and creation of a lot of human embryos (fertilised human eggs) which get experimented on, most then killed after experiments.

3rd up. School boy who was born with clubbed foot - he would have been aborted if his mum had not said no. But allowing abortions for clubbed foot, spina biffida and other correctable deformities is going to get easier. This lad was very bright. Has had a few ops. on his feet but it was all worth it he said. Started his own PC business.

4th up. Woman who got pregnant at 17 and was advised to get rid of child as she had no family support. But she felt to keep the child. Became a christian, now much rejoicing in the Lord. Campaining to support unmarried mums.

5th up. London GP. Told of 7 million abortions since 1963.
This is 600 every day. Gave cases of abortions. Children aborted at 24 weeks are still alive, but left to die in dishes. Some take 3 hrs to die. Compared this which miscarriages or prem births at 24 weeks where everything in the NHS is done to keep them alive.

6th up. Female singer from Northern Ireland protestant church. Told also that abortion is illegal in NI as church people will not allow it to be legalised.

7th up. Fiona Bruce, christian lawyer spoke about the bad implications for family life if the Bill is passed. A family will not legally have to have a father, so boys will not necessarily have a father figure to guide them. It means the legal end of what we now call the family unit. Bad implications for stability of society in general.

8th up. Ann Widdecombe, MP. ( She converted from Anglican to Catholic and does not have any idea what being "born again" is all about but she knows a lot about all the dangers of bad legislation in Parliament.) Told us that the legalising of animal/human experiments will go ahead by the present liberal Labour govt. if church people etc. don't do something about it.