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Prayer power From: June Ritchie 29 Mar 2012 (11:38)
What it is to have real Prayer Power! a good many years ago I obtained a copy of a biography on the life of praying John Hyde (as he was known) It was a book that proved a great inspiration re the power of prayer and of the need for it!
Here was a man fully surrendered to a life of prayer who prayed so effectually that overseas revivals broke out. Great healings were seen etc. But the strength with which he used to pray caused his ultimate death at an early age! he was an author of fervent prayer and an eventual martyr to it. there is now a new book out on it and I managed to obtain one. Can I please recommend it to all those who feel they want to be freshly inspired on the importance of fervent and effectual prayer? The title of the book is; Praying Hyde-Apostle of Prayer and it is written by E. G.Carre it tells his whole life story and is counted as a Christian classic of Faith and Power. Published by Bridge Logos Foundation.
May God bless you as you read it. Junex