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hi! 1st - thank you for wonderful photos from 1st Aug. - it From: maryann 08 Aug 2009 (12:00)
hi! 1st - thank you for wonderful photos from 1st Aug. - it looked real good and fun!!!!! wish we could have something like that in Benidorm.........

anyway......just sending some thoughts i had "once upon a time" and i guess it applies for "everyday life".....to some of us......

CONCENTRATION;....... How many times, dont i tell myself.....now Mary-Ann...concentrate!!! now, when you read this chapter in the Bible or look at that Christian DVD , try to concentrate.....so you can get max out of it, see what Gods trying to tell you!!!! And then, before i m aware of it, my mind wonders off....thinking about everything between heaven and earth! then i start scratching this and that. a bump there, a pimple here. and oh...maybe something there..... ohhhhhh, now where was i in this chapter???? please Lord, help me to concentrate, i m sorry i "wondered off" , another effort, now...focus, be alert, at least try to get the "main issues" !!! And then for some minutes i m really focused, and then suddenly, without even realizing it, my mind wonders off again.....this time its deep sleep thats taken over,And waking up, i scold myself, NOW, Mary-ann, that was not what you were supposed to do!!!! Anyway. by then i decide, better another time, or day, will be better, have to get through this chapter in Isaiah or this DVD or study in the book of Revelation...... RIGHT NOW, a cup of cappucino would be better, and anyway ille try to focus on some...Bible verses......"The heart is willing but the flesh is weak"!!! God sees to the heart, so thats a comfort, HE knows im willing, the "urge" is there. If you are willing and teachable i believe the right time will come - be patient!
While writing down these thoughts, i also got a picture of the "church" these days..... instead of getting into HIS presence, like in the 1st church times (Acts) when they came together, they shared everything. They operated in love, GODS love and were desperate to get together and share their faith with testimonies, prayers etc. Today...we use much too much time on other activities that dont give fruit.....lasting fruit..... we need to share testimonies, pray for each other, helping each other, encouraging..... something to think about....i think its time we started getting back to the 1st church stage!

ps!!!! maybe TASK JESUS has started doing a good jobb about it!!!!!! we are on the way! - mary-ann