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re. listening or hearing God s Voice. From: maryann 11 Mar 2012 (16:01)
I think God speaks in many ways - if we have a continueous relationship with HIM we will \"sense\" what HE is saying to us, because HE speaks to us through HIS WORD! And then when we daily seek HIS face through prayers and Bible study our thoughts will be HIS thoughts....but we must remember that HE has given us a free will...to choose... if we are earnestly seeking HIM with a truthful heart HE will close the doors that we are not to go through.....im not thinking about obvious SIN here, cause we should be mature enough in our walk with GOD to know what is right from wrong, BUT sometimes it can be difficult to know about relationships with other people, how close and how not close...BUT HE gives wisdom, and HE doesnt want us to hang around people who make us miserable, we all have different personalities, and GOD definitly wants us to keep our personalities (the good side) and not all mix good together all the time and some just cant communicate. so of course HE wants us to be happy and be with people that make us happy! And then we will always have energy to be good to those we dont communicate with as well, sometimes (patience) ...When things go right.....and you are blessed, you are often on the right road, if things start going very bad and wrong, you have to stop up and reconsider, AM i doing the right things......sometimes people can come into our lives and be a blessing, but then it can change ,and you might need some space....thats why we always have to be very careful when building relationships......From my own experience, i have met some wonderful people, but then i might have been\"too nice and considerate\" to start with, and before you know it they are \"eating your time\" you suddenly realize that youre not really at the same level spiritually...you then have to \"back off\" in a nice way and tell them you need more time with the Lord......IF they are truly seeking to be in Gods will as well, they will understand....God will speak to them and they will come back again.....God can use you to help them be stronger!and they most probably also have something to teach you , everything is for a purpose with God. BUT we must never put anybody before our personal relationship with GOD, that is very dangerous, and so many have gone into that trap, you will then have problems hearing from God, and start being confused...and the devil loves it when we get confused. Personally i experience that God speaks to me through His Word a lot.....some Words just blow out from the page...and then i can listen to a sermon or Bible teaching and suddenly The Holy Spirit reveals something. I often hear God speak to me in the morning , esp. when im in the bathroom, i suddenly get some thoughts and then jot them down on a piece of paper, cause i believe its often things God wants us to meditate on. In church i can suddenly sense the Holy Spirit come on me, tingeling, and then i am so blessed, cause i know HE is living within me and everything is allright...its so wonderful! God s audable voice? i think it can come in very different ways...i def. do have times when i have to make a decision and just know what has come to mind, is defintly from God, and i think those times when you are very sure, it is God speaking....I did hear my name from the corner of a room once, very clear...Mary-ann! nobody was there, and im sure it was God speaking to me, i was then in a situation where HE was warning me! (which proved to be right)
On the whole, when we are living with God and in God we dont have to be afraid, cause \"His sheep hear His voice and they will not follow a stranger\"...we are SAFE when we are truly in HIM! AND we have a right to use the authority HE has given us...no weapon formed against us shall prosper!
Another time when i know i hear HIM is when HE gives me a prophetic message often in tongues... all my own strength gets drawn out, and His power comes upon me, i then know without doubt that it is God speaking, i then stand up boldly, in the right timing , which HE decides, to come with the message from HIM, it never fails. God is always on time! what a blessing it is to be HIS , all because of HIS great mercy, grace and Love! May we continue to \"blossom\" for HIM to HIS glory in these last days!

Like this MaryAnn  From: June Ritchie 13 Mar 2012 (11:07)
you thought it out so well and covered such a wide area too i feel you said a lot to be helpful to folks thst may need it therein. Hearing from God is such an individual thing. One has to take a person at their word when they speak of it but can usually tell if they really are in the midst of that lovely reality.
Hearing from God? I for one couldn\'t survive without it. For functioning in a godly lifestyle it seems essential to me, yet many seem so content to just go and come by guesswork and natural thinking. I have been very fortunate and blessed and never been afraid of supernatural guidance, but sadly have met and counselled more than one who was afraid of that way of life.
When you think you know it all you never hear from God, he comes to those who trust in Him and in His guiding power. Actually hearing the still small voice is awesome! but it doesnt happen every day. maybe cos it would get too familiar. Many years ago overnight God spoke these words to me. JUNE ASPIRE TO BE HIGHER. I was only young in faith at the time but after forty years have never forgotten the words! for when God speaks you want to listen.
am writing a new book and on 1 Kings 11 V9 are found some stirring words that should be heeded by disciples. V9; And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the Lord God of israel, which had appeared unto him TWICE! Then its a close relationsahip that carries a price;
Submission and obedience. Full surrender and a constantly listening ear.
Can we have a greater friend than jesus Christ? I like friends who lead me to Him not away from Him. blessings Junex

re listening to the Lord  From: pauline Tait 13 Mar 2012 (16:35)


Can you expand on what you mean below I think I have misunderstood

......From my own experience, i have met some wonderful people, but then i might have been\"too nice and considerate\" to start with, and before you know it they are \"eating your time\" you suddenly realize that youre not really at the same level spiritually...you then have to \"back off\" in a nice way and tell them you need more time with the Lord......

ty Pauline

  From: David Dawson 14 Mar 2012 (16:07)
i understand where your coming from Pauline, but dear sister is right, yes we have to minister to those around us but not all them our buddys, yes they are brother and sister in the Lord and we love each other, but we do have a core of friends that you can talk to spiritually and who can mentor, you read and debate the bible without anybody getting offended. yes we are always learning and its not being said were saved longer read the bible for yrs, and were in a higher place. if so then we need to reflect upon our walk. God is no respector of persons, 1 Cor tells us the least are as just as important as the pastor.
I too have select group of friends and individuals that i can meet who will love me lift my arms when im tired of being in the field we minister to each other.
when a new friend is introduced, we treat them with love, encouraging them we dont step back [like the alpha course of seeker friendly services] We just move forward with the Banner of Christ before us and they know if its to much for there understanding and move on, but still as brothers in Christ
. we go deep dive searching for pearls, we are secure in our salvation, we seek our FATHERS pearls, yes we can have rebuke we might sulk a wee bit but WE wont ALLOW SATAN TO BURY INTO OUR HEARTS.So he can use that as a weapon at a later date or a illness. I hope you can understand my perspective.
4 yrs ago before getting ill. By instruction of the Holy Spirit, the vision sadly is private at this time. But it led me to set up a number of prayer day for male ministers. battle warriors, servants pastors etc. The objective was to separate them from there own environmental routines, Tesco\'s, family chores, church work, and non essential ministry.
The aim was for them individually to spend as long as possible in there prayer closet in a different environment. When i shared the full vision they were in confirmation this is what they were desperate for. God opened doors to a place found in the lake district in an old school converted to res.house.
On arrival men used the bed rooms to pray in some just walked in the countryside singularly, seeking the face of God, the objective is sadly private.
This prayer day was by personal invitation, God laid it on my heart these guys weren\'t to be prevented from being interrupted in there closet by another person who just wants ministering to. people said i was selfish in not choosing those good men who had other issues. but i said My Lord Jesus went into the mountains to be alone. At the end of the long day God our Father was Glorified men were renewed, they were on the road in claiming/taking back there authority. so going back to the original email its important to be with likeminded folk GB DAVE
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david is right  From: June Ritchie 14 Mar 2012 (22:10)
i often wish things were different but there not! the fact is that the body of Christ is operating on many different levels. Due in some way to church growths and teachings. But can also be due to poor study of Gods word and prayer time.
All these things can affect growth and yet those people can be instinctively attracted to us and want to become close in friendship to us.
It is a real problem it can eat our time up because they are hungry for more of God or just want their problems solved and endless questions answered.
People who have known Christ for a long time often get such things happening in their lives and yes I think then our wisdom does have to come into play.
Still if we are disposed to be kind and patient it is hard to say no and back off. We have to see that the devil loves to manipulate our time to his own taste, once we know the truth of that its easier to discern and deal with such issues. Differing levels mean differing opinions. Mature disciples find it hard to walk continually with those who have only just begun to grow.
Yet I believe the Holy Ghost picks out for himself those who are good with
spiritual babes and you find them in every living church. They are an asset and a gift to the body. Always sad about the fact that there are so many differing levels in the body it would be good if we were as the apostles were of old all mature and like minded in everything. Maybe one day. june