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\"average joe\" - God s calling....... From: maryann 07 Mar 2012 (10:31)
a summary of a good testm. the other day.....
God s calling on your life is not what you can do or accomplish, its WHO you are in HIM! = \"average joe\" i.e. ordinary!

Many think: who cares about me? you can go back in your childhood and think, maybe you were always the last one to be picked in a team etc.....you thought nobody wanted you....how did you feel?
You have dreams, you want it to happen , but through life youve had many dissapointments, and the big dreams havnt come true ..... maybe you wanted an education...but in your time the possibilities were nt there because of money etc. you had to work to survive and couldnt afford the education you wanted? or you chose the wrong things instead? When you try to prove yourself, you loose! (or excuse yourself)
Maybe God has given you a dream 1x or 2x or more? think about it...maybe God was trying to tell you something, but you thought it was somebody else and not you...this man had a dream , he saw an old man sitting on a bench, he never finished school, he was misrable always looking back on life...feeling sorry for himself.......one day he opened his heart and told the dream to his wife...she took him out in the country, showed him God s creation, the beauty, and told him how good he was, he was a good father, had wonderful kids and did a wonderful job helping them, he was faithful, kind and good.

Many people think they have to \"DO\" , big thing, to be a success! they think they have do something BIG to succeed. But thats not what GOD looks at.......HE looks at the ordinary man,/woman....what they do in daily life....how they treat other people! Remember the disciples of Jesus, in Acts 4....they were just ordinary people, but they had their eyes fixed on Jesus all the time, they wanted to learn...and that made them EXTRAORDINARY!...There is no substitute for Jesus, its all about a RELATIONSHIP, not what you achieve or do! Jesus makes the most ordinary people feel extraordinary. (yes, HE does, thats for sure!) Are you going to identify with \"Religion\" or \"JESUS\"???. BE passionate about Jesus ! people who are passionate about JESUS are very special! We get so wrapped up in \"what if\" \"Do that\" - but relationship with Jesus, spending time with HIM, is better!
People try to make life valuable by doing different things, but that is not life, life is about JESUS being valuable to you!
JESUS + nothing is what we should want...we dont have to \"dress up\" to come to Jesus, we can come as we are! we are new creations, living through HIM, the old is buried........live the new life in HIM! HE HAS DONE IT ALL, THE WORK IS COMPLETE IN HIM! hold on to that dream...in HIM you will accomplish what HE has decided for you!

Listening to God  From: pauline Tait 09 Mar 2012 (10:12)
I love this....my friend once preached that we are human BE ings not human do ings
also I consider my self an ordinary woman with an extra ordinary God....

I have no idea how Jesus put each one of us FIRST ...thankfuly I only have to put Him first much easier
ty for posting this it\'s fab
Pauline x

Listening to God  From: pauline Tait 09 Mar 2012 (10:18)
Actualy I have just shook myself my dad my wonderful dad at 80 + was overjoyed excited and overwelmed becasue God had heard him.....My dear dear mum was out of her right mind and Dad had asked God if she could just say his name just once more....we had walked into the ward expecting to see my mum in a stupor and she said...\"hello Mick whatever am I doing in here\" it seemed such a little thing but Dad said I have waited all my life for God to answer me...I am sure God had in fact answered him many times such is the nature of our God...the thing is I hear God daily and I confess all too often take that for granted...