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FORUM > Listening to God > SEEDTIME & HARVEST!

SEEDTIME & HARVEST! From: maryann 27 Feb 2012 (21:19)
Listened to some good teaching today - summary of this one - my own version - thought it was an important issue in our christian walk.

Take an apple , cut it in pieces, some chunks with just fruit, and some with lots of seed....let some people eat the fruit and then some the seeds........ask what they think.......

The harvest is sweet, but the seed is bitter!
Why do so many of us often struggle financially and never seem to get our heads \"over water\" ? the answer is; we eat our own seeds!!!

God gives you power to be blessed, health and wealth.
God wants us to be blessed!
Poverty steals a lot blessings, health and wealth!

You cant be \"filled up\" with seed, but you can be \"filled up\" with what seed produces, the fruit.
Dont eat your seed, its bitter!
There are a lot of \"bitter\" people in church, cause they are not doing what God is telling them to do!

ref. Adam - God gave him seed - Gen. 1:28
Gen 8: - Law was in existance before the fall - God said: you can eat of every tree except one! - why? its bitter!!!

Why does God want your seed? = He wants you to have lots of fruit - the harvest - be faithful, you will multiply!

Sweetness does not come before the seed produces it. God blesses generations for seed sown! You can sow seed and God will reproduce in your children, grandchildren........

Dont eat your seed! NB! when you go and buy something you really dont need, ask yourself, Am i eating my seed - my future! (this is preaching to myself, im good at that......bad habit! )

All God wants is to give you a harvest, \"Do i not want to open for you the windows of heaven\"! - His Word does not return void!
Thank God for the \"bitter\"
Remember, when you look at a BIG TREE (there s a real BIG one in B.dorm) it started as a small seed!
Read Deutr.28 ref. sowing, reaping - read the whole chapter.

Prayer: Lord God Almighty, help us, your children to DO what is needed now by sowing the seeds for your Kingdom! Help us to remember that everything in this world, fades away, only what we sow into Your Kingdom lasts forever and gives us real satisfaction.Our hearts will be where our treasure is - HELP us and strenghten our weak hearts to have BIG GOD LOVING HEARTS FROM THIS DAY ON IN JESUS NAME - AMEN !

a really good subject MaryAnn  From: June Ritchie 28 Feb 2012 (12:10)
Some years ago Jim and I ran a Christian video ministry and one of the videos that was a favourite of ours was a Jerry Savelle called \'Keep your\' weeds off your\' seeds!\' He also wrote a book on it. Both made a big impact in our life and throughout the years we have seen so many unexpected blessings of provision as our giving has become more fixed in the directions that please God.
Consequently although we aren\'t rich and will have little to leave behind us seeing miracles of provision has long been part of our lifestyle.
I love the fact that God enjoys doing the unexpected in a sudden manner!
it is often an education to see those who are likeminded with ourselves on giving and receiving. And it is a joy every time God shows His pleasure in us by granting the help we need when we need it. This week alone from the previous Monday to this Monday has been a true blessing in unexpected provision.
The preacher told the truth, the secret is in the seeds we sow, not the ones we eat. Sometimes when these blessings come they are scary, since to the non- discerning eye they make us personally seem rich and in need of little (but not true)and yet God chooses to bless our seed and to do it His way and not ours!
For this reason I know God has the right flat for you and when it comes it will be a true blessing to you for we cannot outgive our Father God. AMEN. june